TÜV Certification for Hazardous Dusts

Nov 10, 2021 | Workplace Safety

When handling fine and hazardous dusts it’s important to ensure you are using the right system. But how do you trust that machines will do exactly what they claim to? TÜV SUD Certification guarantees compliance with various recognised safety and qualification standards. This third party endorsement marks and certifies industrial vacuums that are safe for the extraction of fine and hazardous dusts.

TÜV Rheinland was founded almost 150 years ago, and is one of the world’s leading testing service providers. They stand for safety and quality which is carried out in virtually all areas of business and life. Their TÜV Certification is accepted and recognised by authorities on a global level, including within Australia. TÜV test a huge range of products and systems for safety standards, with a product certificate confirming that the particular product has met the defined safety criteria.

In order to receive TÜV Certification, systems must pass long and intense testing conducted by highly qualified experts. That is, testing involves examination of the machines against specific principles of safety. Further, continuous monitoring of the production site at regular intervals to verify products currently manufactured correspond to the tested sample. This ensures the continued validity of the TÜV Certificate for the systems.

TÜV Certification is a credible and trusted guarantee which should not be overlooked.

TÜV Certification at AIV

Multiple Delfin industrial vacuums have undergone TÜV safety testing and received such Certification. These industrial vacuum cleaners have been tested and approved to extract fine and hazardous dusts belonging to classes M, H and H – Asbest. If you operate within an environment where hazardous dusts such as asbestos are present, TÜV Certified systems are necessary. This will ensure you are keeping your workers safe and maintaining optimal operator safety.

At AIV we are all about the safe handling of fine and hazardous dusts within the workplace, which is why we offer these TÜV Certified Delfin vacuums.

202DS TUV Certified

301DS TUV Certified

DM3 TUV Certified

DG50 EXP Asbestos

With the credibility of TÜV Certification, choosing a Certified system for dust extraction at your workplace is easy. These systems allow you to keep your employees safe from hazardous dusts, and remove any liability relating to health issues that may have come about from the incorrect handling of such dusts.

Australian Industrial Vacuum focus on quality and safety and have your business’ best interests at heart. We will work to find the perfect solution that will satisfy your needs and requirements. Call our team today on (03) 8597 3376.

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