Case Study: Proteaflora Nursery

Mar 9, 2022 | Workplace Safety

At Australian Industrial Vacuum we have an industrial vacuum fit for your needs – no matter your industry or application. In this blog, we unpack further the versatility of our machines, through the solution found for Proteaflora Nursery.

Proteaflora Nursery are a successful wholesale nursery situated in Monbulk, Victoria. The business began from humble beginnings, and has grown over the years to become a very successful family run nursery.


Chris from Proteaflora had a cleaning problem.

As with all nurseries, soil and potting mix gets everywhere in the potting shed. Not many people get too excited about having to constantly sweep up this mess as it can be a slow and tedious process. At Proteaflora particularly, there was a number of specific problem areas that were hard to clean. Tight corners, under benches, around machines… were all hard to reach and as a result, not receiving the deep clean they deserved.

Proteaflora’s current method for cleaning was through the use of compressed air. Unfortunately this wasn’t overly effective, as it would blow the accumulations and relocate the heavy debris to the floor and the light dust to the air. This was not an acceptable method and was causing double handling of the debris during the cleaning process – leading to inefficient use of time.

Chris reached out to AIV and a site survey was arranged to evaluate the problem and find a solution. After the survey of needs, a solution was indeed found.


A 35-litre capacity, complete steel constructed industrial vacuum was recommended. The vacuum’s onboard filter allows it to trap the fine dust effectively, removing the previous issue of double handling. The complete steel construction provides durability and sturdiness for use outdoors or in workshops.

The package was customised to Proteaflora’s specific needs, including wheels for ease of transportation around the nursery’s rough terrain. Further, different cleaning tools and attachments were provided to get into those tight and hard to reach spaces.


This solution was implemented at Proteaflora and as a result:

  • Productivity increased due to a more efficient method of cleaning
  • Employee morale improved as their workplace was cleaner and the cleaning process was no longer a hassle
  • The nursery’s image improved as the environment was now cleaner and more pleasant for customers

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer a wide range of industrial vacuums and systems to meet the needs of our customers. Whether your facility requires the collection of oil, metal shavings, fine dust, bulky materials, or liquids, we have a suitable machine for your needs.

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