Stormwater Pit Cleaning

Jul 28, 2021 | Workplace Safety

We all know that it is essential to keep your gutters clean for a multitude of reasons.

  • Stop fire hazards
  • Avoid blockages
  • Prevent flooding
  • To maintain the integrity of your roof

So you might think that all you need is a gutter vacuum. But have you ever considered where the water runs to?

Stormwater Drains & Pits

In urban areas, stormwater can give you headaches if not drained properly. Clogged pipes will not only result in your property flooded but also become a source of unneeded smell and dirt when mixed with debris and tree roots.

These blockages could cause water to pool at the pit or drain and then flow where it is not wanted; under the house, next door, it could even destroy your garden.

Thick diameter tree roots can shift the location of pipes, causing them to crack, allowing roots to enter, or squashing the pipe. Shifting foundations of a house, building or concrete slab can be more severe as dirt surrounding the foundations can enter the pipe and cause blockages.

Drains that run across the front of garages or at the bottom of a steep drive way will not catch the water flow if they are full of leaf and dirt. Over time, water flow to the base of buildings can compromise the foundations of your building. Regular cleaning will allow the water to be caught and therefore, not pass into the garage or the house beyond the drain.

Such a simple act of cleaning pits and drains can reduce the risk of a catastrophic event.

Cleaning a stormwater drain or pit can be time consuming, especially doing it by hand. That is why AIV has found a solution for you.

Our EnduroVac system is one of the most powerful water recovery vacuums on the market. It produces up to 15 hg  vacuum levels with a whopping 5200ml of water lift per second.

Our selection of collection vessels start from 205L capacity drums to 400L, 850L and even up to 1000L collection tanks to get more work done in the day!

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