Small Ducted Networks Pt 1 – A Discussion

Nov 24, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Keeping a large, or multi-storey facility clean and dust free can be a tough and time consuming task if you’re using the wrong equipment. It can lead to a waste in resources in regards to employees and time, in turn reducing productivity of the work that really matters. Implementing a small ducted network into your facility can assist in reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of these cleaning tasks.

Small ducted networks are the ultimate solution for dust handling problems, particularly in facilities that:

  • Vacuum over long distances
  • Are multi-storey
  • Need areas to be cleaned simultaneously

The concept of a small ducted networks works in a pretty straightforward way. Pipes and suction intakes run along walls to connect the collection points (where you will vacuum from), to the core portable unit (your collection unit). Almost any portable industrial vacuum cleaner system can be fitted to a small ducted network which means the installation can be specific to your very needs.

Advantages of a Small Ducted Network

Small ducted networks increase efficiency in cleaning, and improve facility image. They also provide businesses with plenty of other advantages:

  • Operators can vacuum over long distances from different collection points on the same level – this improves efficiency of cleaning as multiple operators can clean on the same floor, or the one operator can clean from different collection points without having to take an entire vacuum system with them
  • Multiple operators can vacuum simultaneously – this decreases downtime of employees waiting to use the vacuum if it’s already in use, and therefore increases productivity and level of actual work produced
  • Multiple storeys can be reached through piping – this increases operator acceptance and employee morale as they don’t need to carry heavy equipment upstairs or around the facility

Small ducted networks are customised and created specifically depending on your needs. Our Mechanical Engineer conducts a comprehensive internal survey of your facility and gathers necessary data to generate the best solution for you.

Ducting Sizing and Airflow Calculations

Our in-house engineer will undertake a free, in depth technical analysis to determine the best solution. This includes a description of the product that needs to be vacuumed – indicating density, smoothness, grain size, conductivity, and so on. The facility will also be exhibited, measuring the floor-plan, and understanding all parameters of the facility and any potential obstructions. Customer preferences will also be noted such as the type of discharge or electrical requirements. Such information is necessary to ensure the correct sizing of connection piping and correct portable machine is used to maintain pressure and power, whilst remaining cost efficient.

Here at Australian Industrial Vacuum, we use solution based research to find the best option for you. Helping your business thrive is our goal. Give our friendly team a call on (03) 8597 3376 to learn how we can take care of your dust problems.

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