Small Ducted Networks Pt 2 – How Do They Really Benefit Your Business?

Dec 8, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Small ducted networks are the ultimate solution for dust handling problems. In particular, in facilities when vacuuming takes place over long distances, multiple storeys, or include multiple areas which need to be cleaned simultaneously. They involve multiple pipes and suction intakes which run along walls, to connect to the collection point. You may be wondering how exactly such a simple concept could benefit your business so drastically. Well, this blog delves into just that.

As mentioned, small ducted networks work with pipes and suction intakes running along the walls to connect to the main collection point, which is a portable system. Each job is specially calculated to determine correct ducting sizing needed and airflow requirements depending on individual business needs and debris contents.

Using any Delfin Industrial Vacuum Cleaner will have many benefits for your business. However, small ducted networks in particular can change the way your business works – for the better.

Increased Profitability

Due to the multiple suction intakes and simultaneous use, productivity can be maximised. That is, the amount of hours and personnel cleaning can be reduced, meaning less money needs to spent paying employees to conduct these tasks. If it currently takes 4 operators 2 hours a day to clean your premises, with a small ducted network it is not uncommon for these figures to be halved. Further, with less time spent cleaning, more time can be put towards productive work. Increased productivity means the level of output produced increases, and therefore, so does profit.

Reduced Risk & Business Liability

With a small ducted network, risk and business liability can be reduced. Such a network means carrying heavy systems across a facility or up and down stairs is no longer required. This reduces safety issues regarding incorrect carrying of equipment which could lead to work cover claims. Further, a small ducted system will ensure the facility is cleaned sufficiently, including those hard to reach areas which previously may have been overlooked due to difficultly of access. A clean facility means reduced risk of slips and falls. Reducing business liability in terms of safety is extremely important as, a small claim for a slip or fall can cost a business thousands.

Increased Employee Morale

Arguably the most important aspect to your business are your employees. Keeping your employees’ morale high is key to a successful business. Finding quality employees is a difficult task, so when you have them, you must keep them happy. Otherwise, the rate of staff turnover will increase. This will mean valuable time and money will be spent in the employment and training process, just for them to leave also. Luckily, the usability of a small ducted network is sure to increase employee morale dramatically. The user friendliness and lack of strain on the operator increases operator acceptance and means employees are happy at work.

Increased Image

It’s all about the detail. As mentioned earlier, when using a single portable system for a large or multi-storey facility, those difficult or inconvenient areas to reach can be overlooked. However, when you have clients and customers visiting your facility, image can’t afford to be overlooked. It can be details such as dust on the third floor that prevents a customer from doing business with you. As mentioned, small ducted networks are extremely accessible and easy to use. This will reduce your chances of missing the finer details and increase your facilities overall image.

At Australian Industrial Vacuum, we work with you to find a solution that is suited to your individual requirements. To learn more about small ducted networks, or any of our industrial cleaning solutions, call the team on (03) 8597 3376.

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