Site Surveys; Ensuring the Ultimate, Tailored Outcome

Jan 12, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Here at Australian Industrial Vacuum, we pride ourselves on ensuring we provide the highest level of support and guidance when finding a tailored solution for our customers. We strive for the ultimate outcome and will go the extra mile to find a solution you can trust. Site surveys are just one of the measures we take to allow for complete confidence in the solution found.

Where applicable, we offer our clients a free site survey prior to a solution being recommended. That is, after an initial discussion, a time can be set for one of our skilled team members to visit your facility to assess your specific needs and requirements. This allows our staff to suggest the best solution possible as they’re aware of all aspects to the problem.

This inspection includes a further consultation to grasp your needs. Additionally, a total evaluation on your site, taking into consideration many factors which may alter the solution provided. This includes info such as:

  • Size of facility
  • Layout of facility
  • Product that needs to be vacuumed – size, density, volume, etc.
  • Number of operators
  • Application of the system
  • Safety issues or hazards
  • Budget

Depending on the initial discussion, our mechanical engineer may also attend the site inspection. This is particularly valuable when discussing options such as small ducted networks and centralised vacuum systems. This is because their expertise allows ducting layout and air flow calculations to be accurately determined.

If circumstances permit, a site survey is a great option to utilise if you’re considering an industrial vacuum. It will allow our staff to tailor a solution to you, providing the confidence you need to make a quality investment.

Australian Industrial Vacuum source innovative, quality industrial vacuum systems from the global manufacturing stage. No matter your application, our range of industrial vacuum systems can be configured just right for you. Enquire today and we’ll be in touch ready to find a solution fit for you!

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