Safety First in your Commercial Bakery

Jul 6, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Safety is imperative when cleaning your industrial bakery. Cleaning ovens in particular can be one of two things – time consuming or dangerous. That is, you can wait for ovens to cool down to clean, however this kills productivity and can waste valuable time. Or you can clean them while they’re hot, and if done with incorrect equipment, can be extremely unsafe for the operator risking burns and injuries. In this blog we determine the solution for safe and efficient high temperature cleaning.

Regularly cleaning your industrial ovens is important for a number of reasons.

A clean oven guarantees:

  • A high level of hygiene
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • High quality output and less seconds produced
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Extends the life of the oven

Despite these benefits, cleaning your industrial oven isn’t traditionally the most efficient task. There are risks involved when cleaning your oven due to the heat and high temperatures. The oven itself as well as the material that needs to be cleaned (eg. bread crumbs) can reach upwards of 200°C. This mixed with the depth of industrial ovens, which often requires you to lean in to clean, is a recipe for disaster – with the risk of burns and injuries at an all time high. Alternatively, some wait for the oven to cool down before cleaning it. However, this is not a practical solution as it reduces efficiency and productivity through not being able to use the oven until it has been cooled and cleaned – and the cooling process alone can take hours. This process can also lead to ineffective and irregular cleaning which results in hygiene issues and increased maintenance costs.

The Solution

The best solution to clean industrial ovens and bakeries is an industrial vacuum designed for just that.

The 202 DS Oven & Bakery or the 452 DS Oven & Bakery are the most suitable and effective solution on the market.

These vacuums offer:

  • NOMEX filtration with high temperature resistance
  • Full antistatic components with complete earth grounding
  • Portable design that brings flexibility to your process
  • Thermal antistatic accessory kit

The Oven & Bakery Accessory Kit

The Oven and Bakery Accessory Kit offers the equipment you need to clean high temperature ovens safely and efficiently. The main features of the kit includes the flexible steel hose which is heat resistant for temperatures up to 200°C. Also, the extension poles which are heat resistant and offer a safe alternative for oven cleaning where the operator doesn’t need to lean in or over the oven whilst cleaning.

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer industrial vacuum solutions for any zone, industry or application. Want to find out more? Give the friendly team a call today on 03 8597 3376 or sent your enquiry to

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