Optimising Productivity within the Cement Industry

Apr 6, 2022 | Workplace Safety

The cement industry plays a vital role in the progression of Australia as a nation through assisting the economy, providing stable employment, and producing a necessary resource for infrastructure and community development. Productivity is crucial within the industry to ensure maximum output and profit. However, this productivity can be affected through spillages, maintenance and accidents caused during production.

The cement industry is a billion dollar industry within Australia with a number of key players. The industry as a whole creates thousands of jobs for Australians annually and adds significant value to Australia’s resources. Cement is a binder material manufactured from limestone, clay and sand. Concrete is the final building and construction material, with it’s key ingredient being cement. Therefore, both the cement and concrete industry play a major role in Australia’s development.

Construction of a typical family home requires around 14 tonnes of cement. A kilometre of freeway contains as much as 2500 tonnes of cement.

Cement and concrete are vital to the progression of our nation and therefore it’s important that productivity and level of output produced is maximised as much as possible.

Productivity Issues

Unfortunately, during cement production there can be a large degree of wastage in terms of time, money and output at all stages of the process. A core way production efficiency can be slowed is due to product spillages. That is, cement production is based on vertical transfers using conveyor belts and bucket elevators. During the displacement, the conveyed materials constantly pour out and accumulate on the ground at the bottom of the elevators or conveyor transfer points. These spillages constitute slowed transport of materials, and continuous machine downtime required for material removal.

Another source of dust and spillage within the cement industry is during the bagging of cement. During the packaging process, cement powders can escape through dust clouds as well as in large quantity spills. Further, when moving the bags to the trucks, bags often will break creating residues along the various conveyor belts. Not only does this create more issues with productivity and total output produced, but it also poses a real threat to silica dust exposure for the operator.

DHV Range: The Ultimate Solution

The Delfin DHV Range is the perfect solution for industries such as the cement industry that require bulk handling of material. The DHV range is:

  • Designed for intensive and continuous use
  • Provides maximum suction performance and reliability, even when dealing with bulk material
  • Provides impressive collection capacity and simplicity of handling the collected material
  • Can be fitted with HEPA H14 filtration to ensure the safe handling of fine and toxic dusts, like those found in cement

DHV systems are customised specifically to your facilities needs, and the material you need to collect. Our qualified engineering team work to determine the right solution through intensive research and calculations. Further, depending on your needs, DHV’s can be customised through the inclusion of a centralised vacuum system. These systems allow for the easy and safe handling of large quantities of material even over long distances as well as simultaneous use from different points of the same plant. The possibility to convey material with a ducting system from all areas of the same plant into a single collection point guarantees the highest efficiency and optimisation of space, whilst reducing manual handling risks for operators.

When dealing with Australian Industrial Vacuum you can have full trust in your solution, with a dedicated team of professionals working with you through all phases of the process. Give us a call today on 03 8597 3376 and begin working towards improving productivity at your facility.

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