New Accessories Kit! Indoor Carbon Fibre Pole Kit

May 4, 2022 | Workplace Safety

A brand new accessories kit has landed at AIV! The Carbon Fibre Pole Kit designed for indoor cleaning. If you struggle to clean high reach areas, ducting, on top of equipment, or under equipment, we have the solution for you! Tools have been specifically sourced or fabricated for the indoor use of this hard to reach cleaning kit, improving productivity and operator safety.

Kit Inclusions

The Indoor Carbon Fibre Pole Kit comes in three options.

  • 2 Pole Kit providing 3m of reach
  • 4 Pole Kit providing 6m of reach
  • 6 Pole Kit providing 9m of reach

The poles are made from 100% carbon fibre, allowing for an extremely lightweight hold yet provides durability to withstand regular use. They have been carefully constructed with a unique safety clip locking mechanism on all poles, heads, and brushes to ensure the system doesn’t separate during operations. 

The kit also comes with a variety of cleaning tools to assist in cleaning those hard to reach areas.


Using a pole kit for cleaning hard to reach areas has a number of benefits for your company.

Improved Safety: The indoor carbon fibre pole kit improves operator safety immensely. High reach cleaning can now be done with two feet firmly on the ground. This means employees aren’t risking their safety by climbing on un-sturdy surfaces or using ladders to reach the areas. Further, it eliminates the need for employees to reach with shorter tools, preventing muscle strain and injuries.

Increased Productivity: Cleaning can be completed quicker using this kit which consequently means more time can be allocated to those money making tasks. Cleaning is quicker as the poles allow for cleaning to be done in one swift movement, compared to having to climb up and down ladders to clean each section individually.

Increased Profitability: Due to the improvement in productivity, profitability also increases. Furthermore, thanks to the safe method for cleaning, there is less need to gain permits for working in confined or dangerous spaces. Lastly, the carbon fibre material eliminates the harsh metal on metal contact, reducing the risk of damaging expensive components.

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