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Sep 15, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Risk management is paramount for anyone’s business to ensure it can run smoothly and you keep employees safe. This is extremely important no matter the industry you’re in. Though, even more so when dealing with equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

Providing up to date certified machines is important to AIV to keep your business in compliance with government regulations. Currently, the only accepted certification standard in Australia for electrical equipment used in hazardous environments is the IECEx Certification.

What is IECEx Certification

IECEx stands for International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive. It is a quality assessment specification based on standards provided by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

In more simple terms, IECEx provides a means for manufacturers, regulators and users of equipment in hazardous areas to address the risk of fibres or explosions from flammable output. This is relevant for any business where flammable liquids, vapours, gases or combustible dusts and fibres are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion.

This can include industries such as oil & gas extraction, grain handling, metal surface grinding, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and many more.

IECEx Certification shouldn’t be confused with ATEX Certification which was previously recognized in Australia. ATEX only applies for countries in the EU whereas IECEx is accepted globally.

IECEx Certified Machines

At AIV, we offer a range of IECEx certified options to suit your business needs. The DG 50 IECEx, DG 50 Longopac, 451 BL, DM3 2BL, and 300 BL. These machines offer IECEx Certification which ensures their credibility regarding safety, and makes them ideal for vacuuming solids, dusts, and liquids of a combustible nature. However, they also offer a range of other perks providing reassurance on their ability to benefit your business:     

  • 1.1, 2.2, or 4 kW maintenance free, side channel blower, providing strong and continuous suction
  • Feature a 40 to 100m roll out waste container, allowing for long operational periods between emptying and increasing OHS compliance. Alternatively, Longopac bagging system making the collection process more efficient
  • Low noise levels, with machines operating at 72-76dB, making the workplace more pleasant to work in whilst reducing the reliance on hearing protection

You can learn more about each specific machines by following the links below

> DG 50 IECEx > DG 50 Longopac > 451 BL > DM3 2BL > 300 BL

It’s extremely important to ensure your workplace and explosive environment is compliant with IECEx Certification. The team at AIV can talk you through what’s required to help you comply and find the solution best for you!

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