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Sep 1, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Generally, when we think of vacuuming our thoughts go straight to how much easier it is going to be to pick that dust up. No sweeping, no shovelling, no sore back, no dust cloud… we all know the benefits of vacuuming are immense. However, rarely do we take the next step and consider what we are going to do with the dust once it is picked up.

The method of disposal is an extremely important part of any vacuum. Even more so for industries dealing with toxic or hazardous dusts, such as silica and asbestos.  Often, vacuuming is used to control the exposure of operators to harmful dusts. Despite this, many vacuums feature collection containers that are open during the disposal method. This can lead to the great work achieved throughout the entire process coming undone at the very last stage.

The Longopac® continuous bagging system overcomes this. Australian Industrial Vacuum’s Longopac® systems feature a 20m long ‘sausage bag’, which contains the collected materials from the moment they are vacuumed. A couple of quick zip ties and a cut with some scissors and your hazardous waste can be disposed off. This allows for quick, safe and easy disposal, with the whole process taking less than a minute.

Watch how the Longopac® bagging system works here;

Benefits of Longopac Disposal Method

  • Removal of operator exposure to potentially harmful toxic dusts, leading to improved OHS, reduced absenteeism and liability
  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime thanks to simple, quick and easy disposal
  • Decreased risk of manual handling issues and injuries due to removal of potential overfilling and having to lift heavy tubs
  • Reduced organisation environmental impact as dusts are contained even after disposal
  • Overall improvement in employee morale

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer a large variety of single-phase and three-phase Longopac systems within both our Delfin and Dashclean ranges to suit all needs and budgets. To learn more about how a Longopac® system can assist you and your organisation, give us a call and speak with one of our dust collection experts today on (03) 9587 3376.

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