Industrial Vacuum Solutions for the Mining Industry

Jul 27, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Working within heavy industries like the mining industry, productivity and efficiency is more crucial than ever. The inability to effectively control and recover dry material spills can be detrimental, especially at high spillage areas such as conveyor transfer points. Check out this blog to learn how to optimise productivity and resources at your mine site.

Spillage from conveyor transfer points can have a detrimental affect on the productivity of your worksite. Often, such spillages are cleaned up through inefficient methods such as manual labour with shovels, rakes, etc. However, due to the sheer quantity of these spills, this method is not sustainable nor productive in any means. Overall, this can waste you time, money and resources.

At AIV we offer a solution that provides safe and efficient handling of large quantities of dusty or dense materials and can assist in:

  • Dry material recovery of material such as cement, stone, abrasive material, industrial sand, wood chips etc. when spills are 1 cubic metre or more
  • Controlling and recovering spills at conveyor transfer points
  • Quick discharge of debris into bulk bags
  • Overall maintenance and cleaning work in heavy industries

DHV Range

  • Designed for intensive use

  • Provides maximum suction performance and reliability

  • Provides great collection capacity and simplicity of handling the collected material

Maximum power and reliability

  • Lobe pumps for high vacuum – the self cooled pump guarantees the achievement of very high vacuum values and max airflow

Continuous and efficient filtering systems

  • High filtration efficiency – the suction unit is always protected by polyester filters and class M safety cartridges, for dust as small as 1 micron. Maximum filtration efficiency thanks to an automatic alternating chamber filter cleaning system. HEPA H14 filtration is optional to ensure the safe handling of fine and toxic dusts such as silica dust.

Safe handling of the material

  • Easy and safe – DHV vacuum cleaners are equipped with detachable containers that can be easily moved by means of a forklift, guaranteeing maximum simplicity and safety of use. The material is unloaded thanks to the activation safety bars.

IECEx Certified DHV

  • Our DHV can be provided with IECEx Certification, making it the only certified option for high powered industrial vacuums. IECEx Certification is recognised in Australia and certifies equipment safe for use with combustible dusts such as coal dust.

Ducted Network

DHV’s can be used in a ducted network for the easy and safe handling of large quantities of material even over long distances, multiple storeys, and from different points of the same plant. The possibility to convey material with a piping system from all areas of the same plant into a single collection point guarantees the highest efficiency and optimisation of space whilst reducing injury risks and improving safety for all workers.

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Australian Industrial Vacuum specialise in high performance industrial vacuums and have a solution for all zones, industries, and applications. Whether your dust or debris problem is big or small give us a call on 03 8597 3376 and we will determine the vacuum fit for your needs.

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