Industrial Vacuum Solution for Prawn Farms – Talk about Versatility!

Apr 20, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Our range of Delfin industrial vacuums differ vastly in features to ensure there is a machine fit for your needs. Our machines are extremely versatile and there can always be a solution found – no matter your zone, industry or application. In this blog post, we consider the versatility of the DM40 Oil. That is, a vacuum which is traditionally beneficial for the engineering industry, being applied successfully at a prawn farm.

The DM40 Oil is the most compact vacuum in the Tecnoil line. It has been created for separating, extracting and recycling liquids, oils and emulsions from metal chips and swarf from machinery. These vacuums are popular within engineering workshops, in particular for CNC machines, however is also suitable other applications, like prawn farms!

Prawn Farm Case Study: Tassal

Tassal are a reputable salmon farming company founded in 1986. They have grown to become the largest producer of Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon worldwide. They also have multiple prawn farms for supply nationally.

Tassal, Mission Beach were looking to improve their procedures during the prawn production process, in particular looking for a fast, effective way to remove waste. That is, during the process of farming, prawn feelers come off the prawns, which creates mess which is hard to control. This waste is mixed with ice and water, making it extremely difficult to sweep effectively, and leads to clogged drains and elevated downtime.

Solution: DM40 Oil

The DM40 Oil was the perfect solution for Tassal.

The DM40 Oil is run by three powerful bypass motors, and is equipped with a liquid level indicator and integrated float to protect the motors. Complete steel construction and 100L container capacity appealed to Tassal due to the nature of their work and their goal of increasing their productivity and output – therefore requiring large capacity. The pressure of the vacuum helps to melt the ice when sucking. This leaves the melted water in the collection container and the prawn waste caught in the sieve grid. Thus quick, clean and efficient disposal of waste can be achieved.

Check out this video on the DM40 Oil for more info.

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer solutions for all industries and applications through our extensive range of industrial vacuums. No matter your dust or debris problem, we will work to determine the best fit for your needs. Find out more today on (03) 8597 3376.

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