High Temperature Cleaning, the Safe Way

Oct 5, 2022 | Workplace Safety

High temperatures and safety don’t automatically go hand in hand. Cleaning areas or equipment of a high temperature can be extremely dangerous due to risk of burns and injuries. Despite it’s potential risks, cleaning high temperature areas or equipment whilst they’re still hot can be necessary for functionality and to improve productivity. For this reason, it is imperative to remove this risk for high temperature cleaning to ensure operator safety is met and optimal productivity can be achieved.

High temperature cleaning can be a necessary task for many industries such as commercial bakeries, food manufacturing, crematoriums, welding and so on. Cleaning high temperature areas or equipment in any of these industries while they are still hot can offer many benefits.

Cleaning whilst temperatures are hot means you don’t need to wait for areas or equipment to cool down before cleaning. High temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius can take hours to cool to a temperature which is safe to clean manually or with a standard vacuum. This dramatically decreases productivity levels as equipment can’t be used until it has been cleaned. This meaning workers are waiting to clean when they could instead be getting to the money making tasks. Furthermore, long waiting times and the risk of reducing productivity can mean cleaning isn’t done as regularly as required which affects quality of output produced. This is particularly harmful for food or chemical processing and manufacturing where strict hygiene conditions must be upkept.

How can we help?

We offer industrial vacuum solutions designed specifically for high temperature cleaning through some of our Delfin product range. in particular, our 202 DS and 452 DS which have been designed specifically to meet the needs of safe and effective high temperature cleaning.

These vacuums offer:

  • NOMEX filtration with high temperature resistance
  • Full antistatic components with complete earth grounding
  • Portable design that brings flexibility to your process
  • Thermal antistatic accessory kit

We also offer a high temperature cleaning accessory kit to be paired with your high temperature resistant vacuum. This kit allow for full operator s safely and efficiently when cleaning high temperature areas or equipment. The main features of the kit includes the flexible steel hose which is heat resistant for temperatures up to 200°C. Also, the extension poles which are heat resistant and offer a safe alternative for oven cleaning where the operator doesn’t need to lean in or over the equipment whilst cleaning.

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer innovative, quality industrial vacuums with a solution for any zone, industry, or application. We work to understand your needs and strive to find a tailored solution which exceeds your expectations. To learn more, give the friendly team a call on 03 8597 3376.

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