Ensuring Hygiene & Safety in the Food Industry with Specialised Equipment

Jul 6, 2023 | Workplace Safety

In the food industry, maintaining the highest quality standards is paramount to ensure the utmost hygiene and safety for consumers. From the surfaces that come into contact with processed products to the machinery used within the facility, every aspect must adhere to strict guidelines. This blog post explores how our range of industrial vacuums and dust extraction units, designed specifically for the food industry, can help meet these crucial standards and provide a safe working environment.

Meeting Hygiene Standards

At AIV, we understand the significance of hygiene in food processing. That’s why we offer industrial vacuums that are constructed using different types of stainless steel, and feature internal and external surface treatments. By utilising these materials, we ensure that our vacuums meet the highest hygiene standards and therefore are ideal for the food manufacturing industry. Additionally, our food safe accessories and attachments are made from premium polymeric materials, food-grade stainless steel, or high temperature resistant material. With these specialised options, maintaining hygiene is effortless, resulting in top-notch quality output.

Dealing with Combustible Dusts

One of the significant challenges in the food industry is the presence of combustible dusts. Ingredients like flour, wheat, grain, sugar, powdered milk, and spices – which are all commonly used – have combustible properties and can potentially lead to explosions. To address this issue, we offer a range of IECEx Certified industrial vacuum options. These certified vacuums guarantee safety and compliance with Australian Standards when dealing with combustible dusts. By using IECEx certified equipment, you not only protect your workers but also eliminate the risk of property damage caused by an explosion. Prioritising safety is crucial in any industry, and in the food sector, it becomes even more critical due to the presence of combustible dusts.

Dust Extraction – Units for Airborne Particles

In addition to our industrial vacuums, we also provide dust extraction units that are particularly useful in the food industry. Our dust collector/extraction units such as the EVAP 500, are specifically designed to effectively remove airborne dust particles. This is crucial in preventing contamination and maintaining a clean working environment. By investing in our dust extraction units, you can significantly reduce the presence of airborne particles, ensuring the safety and quality of your food products.

The food industry demands meticulous attention to hygiene and safety to meet the highest quality standards. Our specialised equipment, including industrial vacuums and dust collectors, are specifically designed to address these needs. With a focus on hygiene, safety, and compliance, you can count on the AIV team to find a solution just right for your needs.

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