Efficient Filtration: The Key Element Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Feb 3, 2021 | Workplace Safety

While in use, an industrial vacuum cleaner collects dusts, particles and materials with different grain sizes and characteristics. It is essential that the vacuum cleaner holds all these materials inside and prevents them from being reintroduced into the environment through the outgoing airflow. This helps to:

  • Preserve the environment’s cleanliness
  • Eliminate all types of contamination and comply with current regulations
  • Minimize the possibility of explosion in hazardous areas or in the presence of combustible dust
  • Protect workers’ health: Being exposed for long periods of time to very fine or harmful dust (such as silica dust or lead) inevitably leads to skin and respiratory irritation which can progress to very serious conditions such as silicosis.

For this reason the cleaning equipment used must be equipped with appropriate filtration efficiency capable of catching all types of dust.

Filter Categories

AIV offers a range of Delfin filters to ensure that no matter the requirements of your working environment, it remains clean and safe at all times.

Polyester star filter

One of the most common filters, thanks to its high filtration and its large surface area. Available with 14, 16 or 20 pockets depending on the vacuum cleaner or vacuuming requirements.

Polyester cartridge filter

Another popular filter commonly used in vacuums with generic applications such as the MTL 202, Pharma and 301DS. It allows the safe suction of materials down to 1 micron. Cartridge filters can be further specialised depending on the application

Antistatic filter

It is a filter much like those mentioned above. However, it contains an internal wire mesh that creates continuity with the vacuum and avoids the accumulation of electrostatic charge. Ideal for suction of materials that can generate static electricity. A must when vacuuming in hazardous areas or removing conductive materials.

PTFE coated filter

The filter with PTFE coating (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is designed for applications that come into contact with clogging dust. The coating membrane makes it easier to detach the dust, causing it to fall out during filter cleaning operations.

HEPA absolute filter

HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate air”. These filters are essential within vacuums because they capture most of the environmental contaminants before they reach the motor head. They have a filtration efficiency of 99.995% at 0.18 microns which ensures high levels of cleanliness. The absolute filter is always installed as a secondary filter to stop any dust or residue that has bypassed the protection of the primary filter before it reaches the engine head.

Filter bags

Used in small vacuum cleaners they are able to capture the most common and coarse dust. Inside is a metal mesh that makes them antistatic. It guarantees a safe disposal while avoiding any contact with dust.

PPL bag filter

The special polypropylene mesh (PPL) allows liquids to be filtered, while shielding from vacuumed foams and other solid objects. Available for filtration up to 100 microns.

NOMEX filter

Nomex filters have been treated to withstand temperatures up to 180°C. Used in applications where the product to be removed is mixed with very hot air, such as applications in bakeries or in environments working with hot ovens.

Multi-Stage Filtration with Primary and Absolute Filters

With so many vacuum cleaners and filters, it can be hard to tell which of these will really help you filter dust and particles and ensure absolute safety in the workplace. This is where our guide comes in.

Our Delfin vacuum cleaners are equipped with high quality filters suited to the requirements of their application and unlike common vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with more than one filter inside them. This creates the above-mentioned “multi-stage filtration” where several filters with different functions combine to ensure efficient and safe filtration. The primary or main filter has the task of collecting most of the dust and material sucked in before it re-enters the environment. Additionally, it protects the motor, avoiding wear and tear and problems.

To ensure further filtration to protect the most crucial parts of the machine, Delfin supplies its vacuum cleaners with the option of absolute filters with HEPA certification. Positioned close to the head of the vacuum cleaner, they provide greater protection for the motor, extending its operating life and ensuring that even potentially dangerous and fine dust is collected.

We have the filters you need to maximise safety in your workplace and boost the productivity of your employees! Contact our team today for a free consultation and quote.

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