Deep Dive: DHV Systems

Aug 19, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Does your business have multiple areas that need a vacuum system?

Trying to reduce down-time and increase productivity within your site?

Are you dealing with an OH&S issue and need a solution?

The Delfin DHV range is THE answer to all these problems!

The DHV centralised vacuum system is the ‘all in one’ solution for your day-to-day business cleaning issues. Allowing your employees to simultaneously clean several levels and over long distances without interruption. Centralised vacuum systems are practical and versatile tools that increase the working autonomy of the production process. This makes it possible for an entire department to be cleaned by a single or multiple operators. The installation of a DHV system requires careful and specific study and design to ensure maximum benefits.


  • Unit for localised discharge
  • Integrated automatic air pulsing filter cleaning system
  • Sturdy vacuum cleaner for intensive and continuous use
  • Powerful lobe pump with electric motor
  • High performances and long-lasting equipment
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Discharge system by means of different valve options
  • Low noise level for employee safety
  • Great autonomy of the system


The unit that creates the vacuum is the heart of the centralised system, with the power tailored to the suction requirements. Delfin builds suction bases with power from 22kW up to 45 kW on centralised systems. The material being vacuumed will determine the correct functioning of the system, the airflow rate, the pressure losses, and the distances to be covered by the pipes. 


 A high efficiency filtering unit is important to protect the environment and the vacuum system from harmful dust particles. During production processes, granules, fumes, mists and dusts are generated, often polluting the environment. These elements require the correct filter units to protect the workspace and reduce OH&S risks.

Industrial vacuum systems for fine dusts require high levels of filtration to ensure the efficiency of plant operations. Delfin centralised vacuum systems can be provided with high efficiency filter units (with HEPA filters installed) and high filter surface to minimise machine stops and the reduction of performances during long operations.


The use of a centralised system is the most efficient solution for the collection of vacuumed material. Each system can be equipped with the proper collection equipment making it easier to dispose of the material. We offer extractable tanks as well as rotary cells for continuous discharge from a hopper silo that can drop into your own bags or containers.

Duct sizing and airflow calculations

To ensure the correct sizing of a centralised system it is necessary to provide as much information as possible. This will allow our engineer and technical department to produce an effective technical proposal that meets the needs expressed by the customer.

Some of the necessary data are:

  • Technical description of the product to be transported, indicating density, smoothness, grain size, whether it is conductive or not.
  •  Information about the electrical requirements of the central vacuum cleaner, including the type of motor (electric or compressed air) specifying the volt.
  •  Information about preferred material handling and storage container capacity in litres or gallons.
  •  Type of discharge desired, continuous or non-continuous, and whether manual or automatic discharge is required.
  • Our Sales consultant and Engineer will do a FREE site survey and put together your own custom proposal

For your own free consultation give the experts a call on 03 8597 3376

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