Cut Costs through Recovering Cutting Fluids in the Engineering Industry

Mar 23, 2022 | Workplace Safety

Workshops and engineering industries use a range of machinery that relies on clean lubricants in order to work efficiently. The fluids lost as a result of the metalworking process must be replaced, which drives up the cost of the operation and further shrinks the bottom line. Therefore, implementing a process to recover these fluids offers a range of benefits to the business.

Oils and emulsions are a key component to many machines used within workshops and engineering facilities. For example, in CNC machinery, oil and lubricants play a central role as they allow reduction of waste and production defects during the metal working. However during the production flow, used oils can build up in tanks contaminating the clean oils among dirty oils and metal chips. Metal chips can obstruct the machinery and need to be recovered after each work cycle which interferes with productivity.

We are aware that fluid recovery is not only functionally important for the production process, it is also a key opportunity to save costs and improve your overall business potential.

Delfin Solutions

Our Delfin Tecnoil range provides the ultimate solution for workshops and the engineering industry. There are a number of options that provide a solution to recover and filter these emulsions in an efficient and carefully crafted manner. Dependent on the specific system, features vary to meet different production and operational needs for each facility.

Within the Tecnoil range, swarf can be separated from oils through the sieve grid and non-stick PTFE filtration. Alternatively, a 3D Superweb filter is provided to protect the motor from oil mists and assist in upholding the longevity of your machine. The Tecnoil range offer simple and practical discharge of swarf from the sieve grid or from the extractable collection container. With our must popular models – TC100MPI and TC220MPI, the submerged pump offers simultaneous liquids suction and discharge.

No matter which system you opt for, they all offer an efficient means of separating oils from swarf, which provides ample benefits to your business.


  • Cut Costs: Reusing cleaned oils and lubricants cuts costs as you’re not wasting resources through using new oils or lubricants each time.

  • Improves Productivity: It can improve productivity and reduce maintenance downtime as employees can continue with revenue generating tasks rather than constantly having to manually empty oils and swarf bins.

  • Improved working conditions: Working conditions are improved as there will be reduced oil leaks and mess around the workshop. This creating a pleasant working environment and improving overall employee morale and company image.

  • Improved Safety: There will be less chance of slips and falls as the workshop floors and surfaces are kept clean.

Australian Industrial Vacuum are Australia’s leading family-owned industrial vacuum suppliers. No matter your industry or application, we will work to find a solution fit to your needs. Give the team a call today on 03 8597 3376 to find out more!

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