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Jul 20, 2021 | Workplace Safety

In the experience of Australian Industrial Vacuum and Delfin, we have found that an off-the-shelf product may be suitable but can almost always be enhanced with further customisation to better suit the requirements of the customer. Our range of products, available options, and combined experience makes AIV the premium industrial vacuum supplier in Australia.

Quality Engineered Solutions

As AIV has grown, the company has expanded from a small mechanically-minded team through to a team with an engineering department. Thinking outside the box, developing solutions and working on tailored drawings for our customers every day.

A recent customer required a solution to connect a 376mm outlet on their steel tank to a 50mm vacuum hose. AIV’s in house engineer quickly developed a solution allowing the customer to put their mind at ease!

Ducted Solutions

Ducted industrial vacuum systems are an ideal solution for factories where large volumes of waste are created, or where simultaneous users are required. Whilst buying an off the shelf system, some PVC piping and hose may look efficient, however there are some complex calculations that are required to avoid disappointing pressure losses.

AIV’s in house engineering team along with the experienced consultants assess:

  • Total Distance Conveyed
  • Complexity of Ducting
  • Size of Ducting at Different Points
  • KDT and Pmax Values for Combustibility
  • Material Handling of Collected Waste
  • Density/Specific Gravity of Waste Product
  • Drop of Pressure
  • Air Flow Required
  • Best Tools and Accessories to Improve Efficiency
  • Number of Operators

From the information gathered, our experienced team develops detailed ducting drawings and makes recommendations on the vacuum power required. This results in the optimal system for the customer that is not under powered for the task, nor over powered and overpriced.

To learn more about Delfin’s ducted vacuum systems watch here.

AIV have had the pleasure of working with some of Australia’s largest companies such as Visy, CSL Group, BHP, Pepsi Co, and Adbri Masonry on their vacuum solutions. Below is an example of the ducting drawings we can supply.

This one was completed for CSL Ships:

Custom Solutions and Pneumatic Conveying

While vacuum machines are part of the AIV & Delfin business, pneumatic conveying is an area where our joint expertise can provide quality solutions.

Pneumatic conveying has many advantages of reduced spillages, increased Occupational Health and Safety, plus reduced maintenance and ongoing costs.

AIV and Delfin worked with Select Harvest, Australia’s largest vertically integrated nut and health food company with a tailored system to transfer nuts from trucks to a Quality Assurance team.

AIV custom designed a boom, vacuum spike and electrical system to convey nut samples from trucks on a weigh bridge to a team sampling the nuts for quality assurance. AIV supplied a Delfin DGVL 75 with pneumatic filter cleaning for increased filter longevity. This provided reduced manual handling, increased productivity and smother operations.

To lean more about this project, check this video.

To discuss solutions that are customised to your businesses unique needs call our team now on 03 8597 3376

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