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Jan 20, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Does dust in your working environment affect the image of your business?
Are you the production or operations manager in a manufacturing environment or construction site looking to increase productivity and reduce downtime?
Are you the OH&S manager or site engineer looking to keep the working environment clean, reduce OH&S risks and increase morale?
Do you want to vacuum multiple places at the same time simultaneously?
You’ve come to the right place. We offer excellent solutions for all of your dust problems!

Why should you choose a CVS?

The centralised vacuum system, commonly known as CVS, is the ultimate solution for day-to-day dust issues in your working environment. It solves your core dust handling problems, and it is the perfect tool to: 

  • Increase production efficiency
  • Vacuum materials over long distances
  • Vacuum in several places simultaneously by multiple operators
  • Clean exceptionally large production areas
  • Clean several levels simultaneously

Centralised vacuum systems are practical and versatile tools that increase the working autonomy of the production process. This makes it possible for an entire department to be cleaned by a single operator, thus saving dedicated resources. The installation of centralized systems requires careful and specific study and design to ensure maximum benefits. The major advantages include:

  • Save time dedicated to the cleaning of machinery and work environments.
  • Improve production efficiency and avoid machine downtimes by working on a continuous cycle
  • Increased security in hazardous areas with our certified explosion proof range.

What does a centralised vacuum system consist of?

Designed according to the specific characteristics of each production area, a centralised system is composed of:
– Centralised suction unit
– Filtration unit
– Collection units and ducting components 


A centralised suction unit is the best way to increase efficiency, productivity, and hygiene of a productive industrial environment. The unit that creates the vacuum is the heart of the centralised system with the power tailored to the needs of suction. Delfin builds suction bases with power up to 45 kW for installation on centralized systems of new or existing design.

It consists of a side-channel vacuum unit and an electrical panel with a control board. The material being vacuumed will determine the correct functioning of the system, the airflow rate, the pressure losses, and the distances to be covered by the pipes. 


 A high efficiency filtering unit is important to protect the environment and the vacuum system from harmful dust particles. During the production processes, granules, fumes, mists and dusts are generated, often polluting the environment. These elements require the correct filter units to protect the workspace and reduce OH&S risks.

Industrial vacuum systems for fine dusts require high levels of filtration to ensure the efficiency of plant operations. Delfin centralised vacuum systems can be provided with high efficiency filter units (with HEPA filters installed) and high filter surface to minimize machine stops and the reduction of performances during long operations.

Depending on the application you will choose to install:

  1.  Pocket filter with timed automatic cleaning
  2.  Cartridge filter with automatic alternating air counter-current cleaning.
  3. Antistatic polyester filter media class M, or polyester with PTFE membrane in case of the presence of packaging materials.
  4. H14 Class HEPA filters that meets Australian Standards in case of fine toxic dusts

The use of a centralised system is the most efficient solution for the collection of vacuumed material. Each system can be equipped with the proper collection equipment making it easier to dispose of the material. We offer extractable containers, BI.BO., Longopac systems, rotary cells for continuous discharge, Hopper SILOs etc. based on application for efficient material handling.


Pipes and suction intakes connect the collection points to the filtering unit. The correct sizing of the connection piping is of fundamental importance to minimize pressure drops. All components are available in galvanized steel and stainless steel. When designing a centralised vacuum system, AIV can provide every kind of component needed for its installation.

– Bends
– Branches

– Suction intakes
– Sliding dampers
– Discharge systems
– Fixed wall mounted hose reels
– Explosion vent panels
– Special components


Depending on the customer’s requirements, a continuous or discontinuous discharge system will be installed, with the possibility of using removable containers, Longopac systems, rolls for continuous discharge or Big Bag discharge. The discharge systems that we offer include but not limited to butterfly discharge, sliding gate discharge, Electro-pneumatic double sliding valve discharge or rotary valve discharge.

Duct sizing and airflow calculations

To ensure the correct sizing of a centralized system it is necessary to provide as much information as possible. This will allow our engineer and technical department to carry out a study and produce an effective technical proposal that meets the needs expressed by the customer. Some of the necessary data are:

  • Technical description of the product to be transported, indicating density, smoothness, grain size, whether it is conductive or not, etc.
  •  Information about the electrical requirements of the central vacuum cleaner, including the type of motor (electric or compressed air) specifying the volt.
  •  Information about preferred material handling ways and storage container capacity in litres or gallons.
  •  Type of discharge desired, continuous or non-continuous, and whether manual or automatic discharge is required.

Our Sales consultant and Engineer will do a FREE site survey and get the other information for a proposal.

Don’t wait. Call us now and tell us more about how dust affects your business. We are here to take care of your dust problems and offer the best solution!!

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