Carbon Poles In The Workplace – Saving Money, Time & Improving Safety

Mar 11, 2021 | Workplace Safety

Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing is an ever increasing part of the lives of employees and employers alike. Decades ago little regard was given to lifting heavy objects, muscular strain, dust inhalation or working at heights. These concerns are now carefully considered on a daily basis to improve safety, boost employee morale and reduce operation expenses. Reducing the weight of workshop tools and components is constantly front of mind for any employer or OHSW manager.

Carbon Fibre In Our Lives

Although carbon fibre was first produced in the mid 1860’s, it didn’t achieve widespread commercial use until a century later when Rolls Royce commenced the use of carbon fibre parts in their engines. These days carbon fibre is found in aircraft and motorsport structural elements, road vehicles, sporting goods and workplace products.

Carbon Fibre At Work

We are seeing a move towards carbon fibre in the workplace due to its low weight, high tensile strength, low thermal expansion, high chemical resistance  and high temperature tolerance.

Historically, metal based poles made of aluminium or stainless steel, have been the mainstay of vacuum systems. With the introduction of carbon poles a lot of OHSW issues have been reduced or eliminated. Employers are saving time & money on direct expenses such as time lost due to injury but also indirect expenses such as employee morale.

Carbon poles are now being used in different industries and for a multitude of applications. Some examples from our very own customers include;

  • Cleaning out a vat or blender in a food processing plant.
    • Eliminate the need for employees to reach in with shorter tools, preventing muscle strain
    • Less time needed to complete the task
    • Reduce the need to have permits for working in confined and dangerous spaces
    • Eliminate metal on metal contact, potentially damaging expensive components
  • Cleaning along racking systems and building structural beams.
    • Reducing accumulated dust which can contaminate ingredients, components or finished goods
    • Increase employee safety with less dust inhaled

Carbon Fibre Pole Advantages

  • Reduced weight increasing operator comfort, reducing muscle strain and increasing operator morale
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for ladders which can be dangerous and increase workplace falls
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to rent high reach scissor lifts or booms which require permits to use and can be expensive to hire
  • May eliminate the need to hire contractors to clean the hard to reach places resulting in shorter maintenance downtimes
  • Increased durability, extending the life of the poles and saving capital replacement costs in the long term

Carbon poles are not just for the elite, they are a cost effective solution for any business that needs to reach high (or low) areas as part of their cleaning regime

If you would like to see Australian Industrial Vacuum’s carbon pole kits and how they can help your business call Chris or Bade now on 03 8597 3376!

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