Bakery Solutions Case Study: Tip Top

Feb 9, 2022 | Workplace Safety

At Australian Industrial Vacuum we offer an extensive range of industrial vacuum solutions customised to the needs of our clients. No matter the zone, industry, or application we have a solution. This case study explores the solutions found for Australia’s leading manufacturer of bakery goods within Australia, Tip Top.

Tip Top are part of the George Weston Foods Limited group and have been baking quality breads for over 50 years. They have a diverse product range including some of Australia’s favourite breads, muffins, crumpets, bakery snacks and cakes, from brands including Tip Top, Sunblest, The One, and 9Grain. Tip Top bake in excess of one million products a day across their 13 bakeries, for distribution to supermarkets, food service, fast food outlets, and stores.


Tip Top needed a solution for general housekeeping within their bakeries. That is, dust from flour was being created during their operations. As flour is a combustible dust it was posing a risk of explosion and needed to be handled correctly in order to avoid explosion and protect employees and the property.


Our team carefully considered the options for Tip Top but the solution was clear. IECEx Certified systems would be a necessity due to the dangerous nature of the combustible flour dust. IECEx Certification is the only approved standard within Australia that guarantees vacuums that are suitable for handling combustible dust.

Multiple DG50 EXP IECEx standard as well as Longopac systems were implemented across multiple Tip Top sites like Chullora, Townsville, and Carrara.

The DG50 EXP IECEx provides a powerful side channel blower, earth grounding kit, and antistatic filter, maximising operator safety when dealing with combustible dusts. With the Longopac discharge option, disposal is extremely simple and removes potential manual handling issues.

Whilst all Tip Top sites are industrial bakeries, each have slightly different needs. That’s why we tailored the solution specifically for each site. For example, some needed multiples of the DG50 units, some required Longopac bagging, whereas for some, a collection tank was more suitable. For the site in Chullora, a customised solution including ducting was found which removed the need to carry the system between the multiple storeys. Thus, providing efficiency and operator acceptance.


Our Delfin solutions offer many benefits for the Tip Top sites.

Improved Safety

Thanks to the IECEx Certified solutions, the combustible dust can be handled safely. Risk to the operator and the property has therefore been reduced. This also reduces risk of potential costs regarding liability if employees were to be injured during an explosion or the property was damaged.

Improved Employee Morale

Due to the usability of such systems, employee morale can be increased which results in lower turnover rates. The solutions provide optimal operator acceptance as ducting and Longopac bagging has been implemented where necessary to assist the user.

Improved Quality of Product

Ensuring the facility is clean and dust free means the high quality of the product produced can be maintained. This reduces number of seconds produced which can result in lost profit and time.

Improved Productivity

Due to the power our vacuum systems provide it means cleaning tasks can be done much more efficiently. With such tasks being completed in often half the time it means employees can get back to the work that really matters. This increases level of output produced and therefore, profitability.

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer a wide range of industrial vacuums and systems to meet the needs of our customers. Whether your facility requires the collection of oil, metal shavings, fine dust, bulky materials, or liquids, we have a suitable machine for your needs.

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