Why Hydro Excavation is the Only Way to Excavate!

Jul 15, 2022 | Home Maintenance

Non destructive digging through hydro excavation should always be the chosen method for excavation. Hydro excavation is the process of excavating soil with pressurised water to then be transferred through the use of vacuum into a debris tank. The high pressure water cuts through and breaks up the soil, creating a slurry. The vacuum is then able to lift the slurry from the excavation area and the material is transferred to the debris tank. This method is the safest, quickest, and most effective way to dig.

Why is hydro excavation the preferred method of excavation?

It’s Accurate.

Hydro excavation is an accurate method of excavation as opposed to traditional methods of digging. That is, manual digging or digging machinery such as augers where you cannot see what is below the dirt can result in hitting gas lines, pipes and other important assets. Hitting these assets can be expensive to repair, time consuming, and unsafe for the operator and the community at large.

It’s Tough.

Hydro excavation is extremely effective at excavating all year round. Other methods of excavation struggle during the colder months or droughts due to firmer ground, but hydro excavation uses high pressure water that is able to cut through the terrain easily. There is no need for workers to struggle with digging, which can lead to reduced productivity and increased injuries. With hydro excavation you can have confidence that your project can proceed according to schedule as these tougher climates don’t affect your workflow.

It’s Accepted.

Hydro excavation is the least destructive and invasive method of digging, as it says in the name – non destructive digging. This means hydro excavation is accepted by all. The minimal surface disruption improves community acceptance as noise is minimal compared to other excavating methods, and there is reduced risk of utility pipes being hit which can affect the neighbourhood. Hydro excavation requires much less manual labour as compared to traditional or mechanical digging making it an option your employees prefer. Thus, there is less chance of injuries and improved employee morale. Finally, the worksite remains safe as traffic and congestion on site is reduced with the vac being able to be positioned at a distance.

Your method of Hydro Excavation – The Enduro Hydro

The Enduro Hydro is the Enduro designed for hydro excavation. The vacuum system consists of a 4″ tri-lobe positive displacement blower, pressure gauge and relieve valve. This vacuum is paired with a Kohler 38hp EFI electric start engine for all the power and vacuum pressure you need to successfully excavate. The Enduro Hydro package includes an electro magnetic clutch, unloader valve and low level oil cut off. The package is also available with a 3000 psi at 15l per minute pressure washer. Or alternative pressure washer upgrades are available.

The collection options available range from 400L to 1000L Australian Made tanks. These tanks are designed for the collection of slurry from non destructive digging. These tanks have been designed by our engineering team, fabricated locally, and are primed and powder coated. Hydraulic door opening and tilting is offered to assist with the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the set up.

The team at Australian Industrial Vacuum offer years of experience in providing optimal solutions for hundreds of businesses and individuals across a range of industries and applications. You can trust in the team at AIV to determine the best industrial vacuum solution for you. Give the team a call today on 03 8597 3376.

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