What makes up a vacuum?

Aug 25, 2021 | Home Maintenance

There are three main parts of a vacuum. Whether you’re doing gutter cleaning, shearing shed cleaning or hydro-excavation, there are three very important components that your vacuum needs. The first one is power; the engine and blower. The second is filtration; filtration keeps debris from getting inside of the blower. The last component you need is a collection vessel.

The Enduro UteVac is a 3″ positive displacement, tri-lobe blower system. The blower is paired up with a Honda GX630 petrol engine with 20.8 horsepower.

The EnduroVac uses a 4″ positive displacement, tri-lobe blower system, paired with a Honda GX690 petrol engine providing 22.1 horsepower. The EnduroVac can also use a Kohler CH740 petrol engine boasting 25 horsepower, or a Kohler KDW1003 liquid cooled diesel engine with 23.7 horsepower.

We all know that filtration is highly important. The EnduroVac and the Enduro UteVac have a safety inline filter to protect anything from getting into the blower, as well as the main 5 micron top hat filter. An important part of any filtration system is the filter’s micron rating, providing an indication of the amount and size of debris that gets filtered from the airstream. 40 Micron is the threshold of the naked-eye, once you get below 40 micron the human eye cannot see the partials unless under a microscope. The SR400L, SR850L and SR1000L hydraulic tanks have 3 stage filtration and can have their filtration systems optioned to a one micron primary and H14 HEPA filter system.

The third important component of a vacuum is its collection vessel. To create vacuum you need an enclosed vessel to keep the airflow contained. Our collection vessels start from 205L drums all the way up to 1000L tanks. 205L drums, also known as 44 gallon drums are perfect for a gutter cleaning business because they are cost effective. Our drums have 1ml thick steel and a compliance stamp on the bottom of the drum. The SR400L, SR850L and SR1000L tanks have been specially designed by our in house Mechanical Engineer team with 3 stage filtration. Primary shut off with a stainless steel ball, secondary cyclone and a knockout box and liquid shut off.

Australian Industrial Vacuum is here to make sure that you get the best value for your money, our EnduroVac is one of the most powerful vacuums on the market and its capabilities are endless. Speak to our team about your personalised package today!

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