In a Nutshell: What is Non-Destructive Digging?

May 25, 2023 | Home Maintenance

Industrial vacuum for non-destructive-digging

Struggling to find a non-destructive digging (NDD) definition that actually makes sense? We’re here to help. It’s surprisingly simple! In a world where the protection of the ecosystem is becoming increasingly important, embarking on construction projects that don’t cause too much damage to the environment can be extremely difficult. A network of underground systems like pipes, sewage drains, and cables interlock the landscape we build on, so we’ve had to find methods of removing earth that don’t carry the risk of causing shortages, subsidence, or burst pipes which impacts the local area. NDD uses high-pressure water and air hoses to remove material on the ground gently without causing damage to roots or man-made infrastructure. This loose material is then vacuumed up into storage.

You might be wondering: what is the purpose of NDD? After all, we’ve been excavating without it for a long time. In short, the way companies are going about their digging is changing to minimise stress. Regular methods cause a lot of damage to biological life and community well-being. With climate change and social stresses increasingly impacting Australians’ daily lives, choosing NDD is one way we can continue to build for the community without additional cost to what is important to us. NDD is safer for operators, quieter for local communities, more cost-effective, and more precise. What’s not to like?

Moving onto specific areas of work, this post will cover which of the following are non-destructive methods of digging. 

What Does NDD Mean in Construction?

Instead of relying on less precise and more physically demanding construction methods such as the use of aggressive machine excavators, construction companies can use NDD to dig into the earth accurately and without causing needless damage to existing pipes or other solid material systems. It also means that construction work can be performed around the biological matter, such as trees so that the natural organic structures on site do not need to be removed for the safety of machine operators. This helps the natural ecosystem retain its cycle while local communities benefit from renewed structures. By using high-pressure suction and water to clear ground material, costs accrued by tool wastage, manual labour and injury, the use of fossil fuels, and multi-vehicle hire are all minimised. This means construction companies can save on running their operation while working with non-destructive digging equipment in an eco-friendly manner.

What Does NDD Mean in Excavation?

It is not uncommon for cables to be damaged or for pipes to burst while excavation is performed with traditional machinery. The inaccurate and heavy-handed approach to digging and removing material is hard on workers and is often the cause of misery in the local community. Loud noise, air pollution, and structural interference all cause an unpleasant atmosphere wherever work is done. By using NDD equipment, the regularity of these instances is brought right down to the base level. Any material that is removed from digging is stored as loose components, ready to be used as filler in a recycling process. Roots and other biological structures can be left intact so they can continue to contribute to the local environment. Excavators can use the NDD hose to perform their tasks without the risk of accidents involving motorised machinery, and the work itself is much less demanding on the body, helping workers remove material without causing injury or sacrificing further time for manual labour. The benefits are limitless with NDD – it truly is the future. 

Have any questions regarding NDD? Want to find out more about non-destructive digging equipment for your next project? Get in touch today with Australian Industrial Vaccum and we’d be happy to help you.

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