What Can Be Found In Gutters?

Jun 2, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Not many people clean their own gutters due to the risks involved.

Gutters are designed to direct water away from the inside of the house. The design of gutters means that they can trap leaves, twigs and other materials, eventually building up to a point where they block water-flow. During the dry season, the trapped debris can be highly flammable and pose a major risk to the safety of the home.

Leaving your gutters full of dirt, water and other things can lead to rusty gutters. Left for prolonged periods, the rust can create holes in your gutters and result in further problems with the rest of your roof.

Clogged gutters are the ideal hiding spot for nasties

Over time if your gutters are not cleared then dirt, grass, moss and bacteria can become a breeding ground for unwanted guests such as spiders, snakes, and other critters.

Some gutters have been left for so long that grass starts growing from the gutter, making it a nice place for snakes to keep cosy.

Many businesses are still using buckets and gloves to clean out gutters, this can be dangerous because you never know what is lurking beneath the debris.
Many people have found tennis balls, nails, screws, rats and spiders.
In some cases, people have been pricked by a needle or bitten by a snake, because they were using their hands to clean the gutters – The EnduroVac can make this a thing of the past.

Spot the snake in the image above!

Further Damage

Clogged gutters disrupt the proper flow of water, causing rainwater to overflow.
This overflowing water eventually will damage your roof, require expensive repairs and possibly replacement of the roofing system. When clogged gutters overflow, the water will also drip or flow too close to the foundation and compromise its stability of the structure of the house.

For these reason’s it is important that you keep your gutters maintained so you don’t have nasties lurking in your gutters.

The EnduroVac is here to help you get the job done and keep you safe from anything dangerous waiting between those leaves.

You can find out more about the EnduroVac HERE or on our Facebook page! Contact our team today on 03 8597 3376 to discuss the right machinery to stop you from cleaning by hand!

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