Using an EnduroVac is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sep 22, 2021 | Home Maintenance

AIV are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-powered vacuum cleaning systems. We specialise in revolutionising indoor/outdoor cleaning to help you work more efficiently.

One of our most popular outdoor cleaning vacuum systems is our EnduroVac. You have probably heard a lot about this powerful machine, yet may not know the ins and outs of owning your very own system.

Owning and using an EnduroVac isn’t a daunting task and has very simple guidelines for use. You may think that bringing an entire vacuum system along to jobs will slow you down due to maintenance or difficulty during use. However, with the EnduroVac that is not the case at all. It does not require endless tasks before, during or after use to ensure it runs correctly. The EnduroVac’s practicality makes it a perfect addition to your business, and will assist in getting the job done quicker, easier and more effectively.

Set Up

  1. Check oil and fuel are within acceptable levels
  2. Check the rubber seal and filter on top hat are clean and in good condition
  3. Unwind your required amount of hose from the hose reel and connect the working hose to the top hot side inlet (then connect your desired vacuum tool to the end of the working hose)
  4. Connect the link hose from the blower inlet to the top hat (top 90 degree bend inlet)


  1. Open fuel valve and pump fuel a few times
  2. Full choke on the engine and then turn the keys to start
  3. Accelerate half way – low revs
  4. Turn the choke off and allow the engine to warm up before use
  5. Move to full accelerate – high revs – you are now ready to vacuum!

After Use

  1. Do not touch the engine directly after use – it will be hot
  2. Close the fuel valve
  3. Clean hose after use by vacuuming up some water and then running the vacuum for a few minutes to air dry the hose
  4. Spool the clean hose back onto the reel for storage
  5. Clean the top hat filter prior to next job (this can be washed with a garden hose), shake off excess water then put back into the top hat

And that’s it.

Owning an EnduroVac really is as simple as that. Click here if you want to see one of our systems in action, or call our friendly team today on 03 8597 3376 to discuss your industrial vacuum options.

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