The Three Core Parts of a Vacuum

Jun 15, 2022 | Home Maintenance

A vacuum is made up of three core parts – power, filtration, and collection. These three parts all play a vital role in the vacuums functionality and effectiveness to do it’s job. In this blog we take a closer look at these three parts of the Enduro Ute Vac and EnduroVac systems specifically.


Power is the first core part of a vacuum. For the Enduro , power refers to the engine and the blower. Our two most popular petrol powered vacuums are the Enduro UteVac and the EnduroVac.

The Enduro UteVac is a 3″ positive displacement blower, tri-lobe blower system. The blower is paired up with the Honda GX630 or Kohler CH730 petrol engine with 20.8 horsepower.

The EnduroVac is a 4″ positive displacement, tri-lobe blower system, paired with a Honda GX690 petrol engine providing 22.1 horsepower. The EnduroVac can also use a Kohler CH740 petrol engine boasting 25 horsepower, or a Kohler KDW1003 liquid cooled diesel engine with 23.7 horsepower.


Filtration is the second aspect and is extremely important for the Enduro, and any vacuum for that matter. Both the Enduro Ute Vac and EnduroVac have a standard safety inline filter to protect anything from getting into the blower, as well as the main 5 micron filter. This main filter is located in a newly designed filter housing created to protect the filter and extend its overall lifespan. A micron rating provides an indication of the amount and size of debris that gets filtered from the airstream. For reference, 40 micron is the threshold of the naked eye, so our vacs filtration efficiency is extremely impressive!

Further filtration can be offered through differing collection options. Our tanks offer 3 stage filtration and can provide filtration up to 1 micron primary filtration and additional H14 HEPA filtration. Dry Collection boxes also offer HEPA H14 upgraded filtration.


The third and final component of a vacuum is its collection vessel. To create vacuum you need an enclosed vessel to keep the airflow contained. We offer collection capacities ranging from 205L to 1000L and provide collection options designed specifically for different debris.

205L drums – 205L drums, also known as 44 gallon drums are the standard choice for Enduro set ups. One is included in your package but, twin drums is often a popular choice. Our drums are dangerous goods rated Epon lined drums making them suitable for the Enduros. As mentioned, drums are what is included in the standard Enduro package and is a great choice for gutter cleaning due to their ease maintenance and cost effectiveness.

Tanks – Tank options have been designed by our qualified engineering team, fabricated locally, and have received official Australian Made certification. Tanks are available in 400L, 850L and 1000L capacities, with the 850L and 1000L options providing hydraulic tipping and door opening. These tanks are ideal for hydro-excavation, non destructive digging, or business who require larger collection capacity.

Dry collection box – The dry collection boxes are the ideal solution for the collection of fine and toxic dust or material. These boxes have also been designed in house and fabricated locally to receive Australian Made certification. These boxes hold 1000L bulka bags for quick and easy disposal of vacuumed waste, and are ideal for tasks such as insulation removal or asbestos.

Wet collection box – Wet collection boxes offer a means of collection that has been specifically designed for easy collection of liquids. Once again, these collection boxes have received Australian Made certification, this they have been designed in house and fabricated locally. Our standard wet collection box provides 600L capacity however they can be customised to meet your needs. These boxes are the perfect collection method for water recovery, pressure cleaning, liquid transfer and more.

Here at Australian Industrial Vacuum quality service, quality advice and quality products is what is important to us. We strive to help each and everyone of our customers in any way they need, and we are constantly innovating our products to ensure they are the best on the market. To find out more about what AIV has to offer, give us a call on 03 8597 3376.

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