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Feb 24, 2021 | Home Maintenance

It is not only the equipment that matters, it is also the tools that play an important part.

Our main focus is to offer powerful systems with quality, lightweight & portable accessories that are easy to use and maintain.

AIV can provide a wide range of gutter vacuum tools for your new gutter vacuum system or even for your existing setup.

Each system comes standard with a 50mm aluminium ‘L’ shaped wand and a 50mm aluminium crevice tool. These gutter vacuum tools have proved to be the most effective in the majority of situations.

Gutter cleaning is not easy for homeowners as it is not something they do all the time and considering it often requires a ladder, it can be dangerous. They tend to put off gutter cleaning for as long as they can. Sometimes they do not get around to it until it’s too late. We need to leave this task to the professionals.

The old ways of doing things are long gone.
Gone are the days of cleaning manually by hand.
Our team at AIV will guide you with a wide variety of gutter cleaning tools.
That way you can clean those gutters whichever way suits you best.

Clean from the ground!

Adjustable poles are a great option. Which can be extended or shortened based on where you are cleaning. Setting the length of your poles as long or short as you want them allows you to reduce the strain on your muscles and makes the job easier! There is a wide variety of tool attachments for poles. These poles are great for general home improvement tasks as well as professional use. You’ll find poles to be very versatile and efficient, allowing you to get to hard-to-reach places throughout the whole property.

Clean safely from the ground and reach commercial or residential buildings up to 12m high. Add a wireless camera kit to easily see your work from the ground. With the option to insert an SD card you will be able to record video and take before and after pictures to show your customers.

Our filters will accept wet and dry waste and can easily be cleaned with water.
Whether it be a top hat or a 3’’/4’’ filter housing with filter, the compact configuration allows your vacuum pump package to have a smaller overall footprint while offering maximum protection from particulates and contaminants.

We also offer a variety of tools that are ideal for quick and easy cleaning of gutters, flooded areas, pits and a lot more:

Keeping gutters clean & free of leaves & dirt will not only prolong the life of the gutter. It will also minimise rust action, remove fire hazards, prevent gutter overflow and keep downpipes clear.

Contact our team today for recommendations on accessories and other tools for your business.

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