The Benefits Of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Dec 2, 2020 | Home Maintenance

Solar panel cleaning is not that different from cleaning your car windshield. A solar panel typically consists of solar cells covered by a protective glass coating. Just like your car windshield, the longer its outside the dirtier it will get.

How much electricity do dirty solar panels lose?

Pollution, traffic, dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels. The more dirt – the less electricity they will produce.

Experts agree that dirty solar panels can’t produce as much power as clean panels. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas for people who failed to ever clean their panels.

The solar cells within your panels operate by absorbing available sunlight. The more light that is absorbed by the cells, the more power the system has. If dirt, dust, or bird droppings even marginally cover sections of the panel, the light will not be able to pass through to the cells with the same strength, costing you money!


Not cleaning solar panels can result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties assume the product is treated with the highest level of care possible. Undertaking regular maintenance ensures that the warranty remains valid and protects the value of the product. If solar panels are left in a dirty condition, they may begin to suffer from corrosion issues that will not be covered by the product’s manufacturer warranty. So, it is absolutely vital to clean these panels regularly.


Rain is not enough to clean solar panels. Tap water and chemicals can leave a residue on the panels that can encourage dirt to accumulate. Detergent will also leave a residual layer on top of the panels, lowering the absorption ability of the panels. Using a resin will guarantee a spot free, chemical free and soap free rinse. This will even help achieve a streak free finish, and using a resin will also help with the water hardness in your area!

Using a de-ionised water system to give an effectively spot free finish that is resistant to becoming dirty will provide a better result than rain or tap water, and with a longer-lasting impact.

How we can help

Here at AIV we offer complete water fed packages that are designed for commercial and residential solar panel and window cleaning. Featuring everything you need to plug in and get started with water fed cleaning, including DI system, carbon fibre pole, brush, hose, TDS meter and angle adapter. No need for pumps or power, just connect to your water source and start cleaning!
Featuring the world’s best water purification systems, made in Australia, with low running costs and low maintenance.

What’s in the package?

This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to complete thorough and professional cleaning of solar panels and windows.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaners from vacuums for dust control in workplaces to the best industrial vacuum cleaners in Australia and HEPA filter vacuum cleaners to name a few. Don’t hesitate to contact our team on 03 8597 3376.

Find more photos and information here, or see the cleaning kit in action here!

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