Stand Out from the Crowd with Custom Coloured Equipment!

Dec 15, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Making your business stand out from the crowd, and building a strong brand image is key to getting your business noticed – and ultimately, growing your customer base. Give your business a competitive edge, with custom powder coating on your equipment!

At Australian Industrial Vacuum we offer the option to enhance the appearance of your industrial vacuum cleaner equipment to suit your branding – through powder coating!

Powder coating involves application of dry powder through an electrostatic process, and is then cured with heat. It has become an increasingly popular finish for industrial equipment over the years. Not only does it look great it also offers a range of other benefits compared to regular paint!

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • It’s rust free and more resistant to chipping, scratching, abrasions, fading, corrosion, and other wear, due to the thermal bonding it undergoes during the curation process
  • It’s applied in much thicker layers compared to regular paint, therefore longevity is increased
  • It protects equipment in tough conditions as it is more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, UV light, and other extreme weather conditions
  • It provides superior retention
  • It’s a lower maintenance option

Brand Image

Powdered coated equipment can help your business image and brand recognition. Brand awareness is important as it drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating between competing companies. Consistent use of colour on logos through to uniforms through to equipment will build a brand image that is impossible to forget.

Not only will it help with repeat customers, but it will help you create a real business presence. That is, with a custom coloured set up, you will draw attention to your vehicle, allowing you to gain interest whilst simply driving from job to job. No ones going to look past a bright green tank! Whack a sticker with your logo and number on it, and you’re sure to increase the volume of new enquiries.

At AIV we offer custom powder coating on tanks, wet collection boxes, and dry collection boxes. These products can be purchased with our EnduroVac – Australia’s toughest vacuum system! We offer 150+ colour options, providing a variety so you can find one that suits your business perfectly. And if you find in time that you want to rebrand, no worries! Powder coating is easy to remove through sandblasting, and then can be re-powder coated.

Give your business the best chance to succeed in the market, whilst also looking great!

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer a range of high quality industrial vacuum equipment to help your business. We value each and every one of our customers, and work with you to find a custom solution for each of our made just for you. Give the friendly team a call today on (03) 8597 3376.

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