Removing Blown in Attic Insulation

May 25, 2023 | Home Maintenance


Do you Understand the Risks of not Using a Vacuum to Remove Blown in Insulation?

If you’ve been removing insulation by hand, you’ve been putting yourself at great risk. For one thing, if you remove blown in insulation without a vacuum and you get a hole in your gloves, skin irritation, and itching will become a big issue for you. Doing it by hand is also much more physically demanding and you run the risk of hurting your back and/or other parts of your body. 

But it’s not just your back and joints you need to worry about – it’s also your lungs. Removal by hand takes much longer and the release of tiny particles into the air could lead to breathing problems causing irritation and chest infections. If the insulation you’re removing is made of cellulose, it’s likely to have increased mould production in the attic which is yet another thing that can affect your lungs and impact your general health. If you’re working with silica or asbestos, breathing in those particles could lead to silicosis which is a long-term lung disease. This creates patches of hardened lung tissue that do not function properly, and it puts you at risk of a whole host of other health issues. 

It’s not only the removal you must be cautious with, but also the storage of the insulation before safe disposal. If particles can escape the storage container, your whole workplace could be contaminated. Your customers are also expecting a safe and complete insulation removal, which is very difficult to do when removing insulation by hand. 

The Benefits of an Attic Insulation Removal Vacuum

So what can you do to negate these risks? Well, the best way is to get a vacuum. Our powerful EnduroVac systems are up to the challenge and mean you don’t have to get your hands or lungs in contact with any toxic insulation. When paired with an industrial insulation box, proudly made in Australia and with an incredible filter system, all dust will be collected straight from the source. As long as the filters are changed regularly, this makes for easy, safe storage with no risk of contamination whatsoever. Keep the dust in the box, not in your lungs.

With an attic insulation removal vacuum, you can work smarter, not harder. With less strain on your back, you’ll have to take less time off. With the efficient and safe storage of dust, you won’t have to deep clean your workplace in case of contamination as there won’t be any. As our vacuums are built to last, they’ll benefit your business for a long time. They’re also easy to maintain, and we sell all the things you’ll need, so you won’t lose man-hours repairing equipment every five minutes. Although there’s an initial outlay cost, getting a vacuum will reduce the time you spend removing blown in insulation. This means you can fit more customers into your month to make your investment back quickly and then begin to make more profits and grow your business. An attic insulation removal vacuum from Australian Industrial Vacuum is an investment that will continue to pay off.

Your Removal of Blown in Insulation Will be Quicker, Easier & Safer

Have a question about vacuum attic insulation removal? Want to find out more about a factory floor industrial vacuum cleaner? Maybe you want to know if a petrol or diesel-powered machine would be more suitable for you? Get in touch today and we’d be happy to help you.

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