Non Destructive Digging – The Preferred Method of Excavation

Jan 19, 2022 | Home Maintenance

Non destructive digging is quickly becoming the preferred method of excavation. This is mainly due to its vast array of benefits including safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Non destructive digging, also known as hydro excavation, works using two main aspects.

  1. High pressure water – to safely excavate the ground
  2. Powerful Vacuum – to remove and collect the material from the ground

This method of excavation provides precision whilst alleviating many risks commonly associated with conventional digging options. Furthermore, it is an extremely versatile digging method and can be used for tasks such as:

  • Sign post and power pole digging
  • Tree removal
  • Pot holing
  • Limited access excavation
  • Sewer and water repair excavation
  • Storm water pit cleaning
  • Many more!



Hydro Excavation is by far the safest method of excavation in terms of the operator, property, and community. The underground of a worksite is densely packed with gas lines, sewer lines, internet cables, vital pipes, etc. which can be poorly mapped. When conducting a conventional digging option, hitting one of these lines is likely. This can cause a great deal of damage to the property, injury to the operator and a major inconvenience to the community. Non destructive digging deters these issues from arising.

Cost Effective

Non destructive digging is the more cost effective option due to the lower risks involved in the method. That is, there is much less risk of damaging underground utilities. Avoiding this also means avoiding costs involved with paying for the damage caused and costs involved with injured workers due to liability.

Time Efficient

It provides a timely method as compared to mechanical excavators or simply digging by hand to uncover utilities. Further, due to reduced risk of damage, it ensures jobs can be carried out within the desired time frame. That is, damage to lines can delay projects, putting a halt to your entire working week, and reducing the number of jobs you can fit into your schedule. Non destructive digging means you can complete your jobs easily and on time without any issues.

Better for Business

Non destructive digging is simply overall, better for business. It is a less invasive method, providing less mess and a neater finish you can be happy with. It is significantly quieter compared to mechanical excavation which minimises the disruption to the local community and surrounding wildlife and makes it a much more pleasant process for the operator. Not to mention it is the most environmentally friendly method of excavation.

How Can We Help?

We offer the perfect solution to assist you in your non destructive digging jobs. The EnduroVac paired with one of our large capacity tipping tank systems.

The EnduroVac provides the vacuuming aspect to your non destructive digging. Our vacuum system consists of a 4″ positive displacement tri-lobe blower, and can produce up to 15Hg vacuum pressure. It provides incredible durability, and is strong enough to power through even the toughest of jobs.

This can be paired with one of our Australian made tank options, available in 400L, 850L, or 1000L capacities. The tanks are designed in house by our qualified engineering team and produced locally by our local fabricator. Having control over the entire process ensures they are made with quality, usability, and durability at the forefront of their design. Our tanks are extremely tough, being made of mild steel and then primed and powder coated to assist in withstanding any climate. They are also exceptionally user friendly, with our 400L tank mounted with a hydraulic pump jack and the 850L/1000L tanks equipped with a triple cylinder hydraulic tipping and hydraulic opening door. This ensures disposal is safe, easy and efficient.

Australian Industrial Vacuum offer a range of industrial vacuum systems and equipment suitable for any application. No matter your dust problem, we strive to find a solution fit for you. Contact the team today on 03 8597 3376 to find a solution you can depend on.

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