New Filter Housing for the Enduro!

Mar 16, 2022 | Home Maintenance

At Australian Industrial Vacuum we endeavour to make our industrial vacuum systems as durable, reliable, and user friendly as possible. That’s why we’re consistently working to find new ways to improve and enhance our current models. Introducing our latest development – New Filter Housing for the Enduro!

Originally the EnduroVac’s filter was located in the top hat of the drum. We have redesigned the positioning through creating a separate filter housing for the filter. Through removing the filter from the drum into a separate housing extends the life of the filter as it will not get as dirty. Another great perk of this new filter housing means there’s now increased capacity in the drum as the filter is no longer taking up space in the top hat.

Filter housing is 100% Australian Made and has received official certification.

Filter housing has been designed in house by our qualified engineering team using CAD drawing design software. The housing is then fabricated locally right here in Melbourne. We have been able to constantly check up on the housing during the production process and make informed tweaks along the way. This has allowed us to come to the final product – something that we are incredibly proud of!

An added extra to the new filter housing is we have included a pressure relief valve located at the bottom of the housing base. This valve doesn’t need to be touched unless you’re experiencing blockages in your hose. It’s just an added precaution and measure to help you get back to working as quickly and seamlessly as possible if something does happen to go wrong.

We have filter housings in stock and ready to order. So if you’ve been considering an EnduroVac now is the perfect time! Click here to find out more about our EnduroVac package.

The filter housing can also be easy attached to an existing EnduroVac or Enduro UteVac set up. Meaning our existing customers can purchase this housing to update their system too. As mentioned, we are consistently looking for new ways to further develop and enhance our existing systems. We research and brainstorm new ideas and listen to customer feedback to find new ways of improving.

No matter when you purchase you’re EnduroVac you will never be left behind!

Australian Industrial Vacuum strive to find the optimal solution for your industrial cleaning needs. We work alongside the customer to ensure the solution is fully tailored to their needs. To find out how we can help you, give the team a call on 03 8597 3376.

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