How To Clean Your Top Hat Filter

Jan 5, 2022 | Home Maintenance

Owning a gutter cleaning system like the EnduroVac is a great investment for your business and can help your customer base and job capacity grow significantly. Despite their durability and superiority, it is still vital to ensure they are maintained and upkept well. This includes the correct cleaning and maintenance of your filters.

Our EnduroVac and Enduro UteVac systems both include a safety inline filter as well as a main 5 micron top hat filter. The top hat filter prevents dust from exiting the vacuum through the exhaust when the air passes through. Trapping any dust or debris aids the collection and overall effectiveness of cleaning when vacuuming. Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance will lead to a clogged filter.

The top hat filter must be cleaned daily for optimal maintenance and care.

How to Clean your Top Hat Filter

  1. Remove the industrial vacuum cleaner filter by removing the securing bolt and sliding the filter out
  2. Shake to remove bulk dirt/debris from the filter – DO NOT hit the filter hard against ground
  3. Clean the filter with a garden hose – DO NOT use a pressure washer
  4. Once clean, shake off excess water and leave to dry overnight OR return filter to top hat and run your machine on idle (low revs) for five minutes to dry the filter
  5. When attaching the filter to the top hat, the bolt must be tight enough so the filter is unable to swivel. In saying that, make sure the bolt is not too tight as this can cause the bolt or bracket to lose it’s thread or snap.

When cleaning your filter, periodically check the integrity of the filter. If any holes, cuts or malfunctions are found, then it’s time to change your filter.

It is vital you follow the steps outlined above to ensure the filter is maintained correctly and will not be damaged or worn prematurely. Whilst the EnduroVac is durable, the filtration must still be handled with care.

Australian Industrial Vacuum are experts in industrial cleaning equipment. We provide our customers with custom solutions for their problems. Give our friendly team a call today on (03) 8597 3376.

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