How Neglecting Your Gutters Can Harm Your Home

Oct 20, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Gutter cleaning is something every homeowner should prioritise when maintaining their home. Gutters are designed to divert water through the downpipes away from your home in order to protect the property from water damage. Unfortunately, the importance of gutter cleaning can often be overlooked until it becomes too late.

Gutters run along the side of your roof and reroute the rain away from the foundation. The water’s directed to the downpipe where it flows to the designated exit point, which is usually a drain. It’s natural that over time gutters become filled or blocked with uninvited items. Leaves and branches from overhanging trees, tennis balls from backyard games, and even pests that have created a new home for themselves. These objects create a blockage within the draining systems which results in water pooling. As water accumulates, the overflow needs to go somewhere, and this is where the issues begin.

Clogged gutters and an incorrect diversion can cause many issues for

your home:

  • Structural and roof damage including wood rots, paint decay and overall water damage
  • Collapsing gutters as they’re not designed to handle excessive water weight
  • Mould and mildew growth creating further foundation damage and posing as a health hazard to your family
  • Influx of pests and rodents as they see dirty gutters as an ideal home
  • Overall property value diminishing as unkept gutters affects the appearance and aesthetics of your home

It is important to note that gutter cleaning is important all year round. It’s clear that in the colder months maintenance is necessary to ensure rain water is diverted correctly. In the warmer months however, it is equally important to upkeep gutters to prevent fire hazards. That is, the accumulation and build up of leaves and debris in gutters create a real fire hazard for your home.

Investing in a professional to clean your gutters is worthwhile to protect your home’s health, families’ safety, and to keep strain off your wallet. The average price to clean gutters is significantly less than those associated with fixing damages. Further, in most circumstances insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by blocked gutters, as its seen as lack of maintenance. Preventative gutter maintenance allows you to avoid these unnecessary worries and costs.

We understand that as a homeowner, you want to trust the job will be done thoroughly to keep your home safe. Equally, it’s important to business owners that they are providing quality work in a safe and efficient manner.

At AIV we offer gutter cleaning solutions to get the job done thoroughly and safely. Our EnduroVac is our most popular machine for gutter cleaning. It provides the durability and reliability to power through any job. We also offer a range of cleaning tools and attachments to make the job easier. From our Carbon Fibre Pole Kit for high reach cleaning to attachments designed specifically for gutters we can provide you with the right equipment for the job. To learn more about what we can offer your business visit our website or give our team a call on 03 8597 3376.

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