Gutter Cleaning, Providing an Office with a View!

Aug 17, 2022 | Home Maintenance

Gutter cleaning is one the key services which is offered by owners of an EnduroVac. Gutter cleaning is a highly success business venture, and is in demand across Australia. In this blog we take a look at the advantages of adding gutter cleaning to your list of business service offerings.

It’s highly profitable

Gutter cleaning is a highly profitable business venture. With the average cost of a gutter clean ranging from $250-500, this means return on investment can be easily achievable within the first year of operating. Even more so, the EnduroVac – Australia’s toughest gutter vacuum, can be purchased through financing for as little as $95 per week. $95 equipment costs vs at least $250 for completing just one job a week… you do the maths! Not only this, a gutter cleaning business can be easily established without expensive operating costs such as an office space or needing to hire loads of employees. We have customers who have become extremely successful as a one man business with just his singular ute and vac set up.

Finally, getting into gutter cleaning means you’re getting into an industry where your service is a need rather than a want. Gutters need regular upkeep to ensure home safety, therefore your service will always be in demand. It’s also a reoccurring job, that needs to be regularly done, therefore building a return clientele is extremely manageable if you’re getting the job done efficiently with quality equipment.

Flexibility is certain

Gutter cleaning means a completely flexible schedule that works for you. You can fit as many or as little jobs into your working day as you please. Depending on what you want, you can make gutter cleaning your full time gig, or a side hustle to fill in the gaps between other work for a little extra cash.

You’ll have the office with the best view

We can’t not mention your office space, and we mean it when we say that working on a roof means you’ll get to experience some of the best views an office can give.

But don’t take it from us, check out some of the views Johnny at Procoll Gutter Clean has captured in his time.

Or this video from Jordi at Gutters Uncluttered, during an extreme gutter clean done 4 storeys up and 75 metres away from the EnduroVac!

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