Drums or Tanks?

Jul 14, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Trying to decide on what collection capacity you may need for your business?
At AIV we have many different options to suit your requirements. The EnduroVac has endless capabilities from gutter cleaning, to hydro-excavation, to water tank cleaning and much more. One of the most important aspects of the EnduroVac is the collection vessel. You need to be able to create vacuum within a vessel.

Our collection vessels start from 205L drums all the way up to 1000L tanks.
205L (or 44 gallon) drums are perfect for a gutter cleaning business because they are cost effective and also easy to replace if it gets damaged. If sourcing a replacement 205L drum locally or not from AIV, you need to ensure that it is 1ml thick steel and has a compliance stamp on the bottom of the drum with no existing dents.

To allow the vacuum to consume water, sticks, leaves and other debris found in gutters we have had our Mechanical Engineer and fabricators collaborate on the design of our systems. To ensure the integrity of the vacuum is maintained, we use a filter which we call a top hat filter. The top hat filter is easy to maintain, with our design improvements maximising efficiency.

400L, 850L and 1000L tanks were mechanically engineered for the purpose of hydro-excavation, non-destructive digging and other jobs that require more collection capacity. All of the tanks have 3 stage filtration designed by our Mechanical Engineer. The 850L and 1000L tanks have hydraulic tipping and door opening. The 400L tank has a manual hand pump. Custom powder coating to suit your business colours and logo is available.

Both tanks and drums can be fitted to the vehicle of your choice, Ute, truck or trailer mounted.

Whether it be gutter cleaning, water tank cleaning, hydro-excavation or shearing shed cleaning we’ve got you covered. Pair any of the collection vessels up with the EnduroVac and away you go!

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