Clean Under Sheering Sheds – The Easy Way!

Aug 4, 2022 | Home Maintenance

Last month we visited a farm in Lancefield to see first hand the huge task of cleaning sheep manure from under sheering sheds. The owners of the farm were currently using a shovel to clean under the sheering shed, taking a huge amount of time and effort and not to mention taking a massive toll on their body. We conducted a demo with the EnduroVac demonstrating how the massive job could become much more manageable. Check out this blog to see how it worked!

It’s hard work getting in under a sheering shed with a shovel as there’s very limited space to move. It’s a tight space already but when mixed with the sheer amount of manure that accumulates, manoeuvring a shovel in and out is near impossible.

After speaking with new customers out in Lancefield we learnt that its not uncommon for sheering sheds to go 50-60 years without being cleaned. The farm we visited was cleaned on a 12 month basis, however underneath the shed was still piled sheep manure. We can’t even begin to imagine the build up that would occur from decades of neglect.

Prior to our visit, the team at AIV discussed the needs with our customer and determined an EnduroVac would be best fit for the job. An Enduro was taken down to Lancefield for an on the job demo.

Boasting 15hg of vacuum suction, the EnduroVac demonstrated fast and effective removal of the manure whilst saving the farmers body from pain! The manure was collected in a 44 gallon drum on a drum tipper which made disposal simple.

The EnduroVac was sold on the spot along with a 3″ bulk tool which provided the necessary length to clean under the tight areas of the sheering shed and essentially make a path for the worker to clean further. All in all the demo was a great success.

Australian Industrial Vacuum provide industrial vacuum solutions for all zones, industries, and applications. We understand your problem and determine the best solution for your needs, considering all aspects to the issue. Give the team a call today on 03 8597 3376 to find out all we have to offer, in terms of product and service!

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