Bushfire Season, Prepare & Protect Your Home

Nov 17, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Living in Australia, we all know too well the devastating impact bushfires can have on people, properties and communities. With this, we know the importance of being fire ready and preparing homes in every way we can.

Australia has suffered from their fair share of bushfires. During 2019–20 we saw our worst bushfire season, now referred to as Black Summer. This was a period of intense and powerful bushfires across Australia, and the figures are absolutely devastating. Despite this, every bushfire season is upsetting and has devastating effects on communities and the nation as a whole. Having a plan during bushfire season is imperative for safety. Preparing the property for bushfire season is absolutely imperative.

Ember Attacks

Embers are potentially the most dangerous aspect to a bushfire. Embers can fly up to 40kms away from the heat of the bushfire, and ignite anything that gets in their way. Therefore, its often not the bushfire that poses a risk, it’s the embers, as they can attack prior to a bushfire even being in your area. Research has shown, ember attacks account for over 80% of lost homes during bushfire season.

It is vital to ensure the entire property is bushfire safe. The NSW Rural Fire Service have outlined the top 5 actions to prepare your home.

Clean Your Gutters

Clearing dried leaves, twigs, and other debris from the property is important to reduce the risk of an ember igniting. Once you have removed all vegetation close to the house or shed, it is vital you don’t forget about your gutters. Often during preparation, gutter cleaning can be disregarded or forgotten as they’re out of direct site, and many don’t release just how much dried debris is clogged in them. Or, in some cases it is a job that is put off as it can be a dangerous task for an amateur.

Don’t risk your personal safety or your home this bushfire season – contact gutter cleaning experts with the right equipment to clear your gutters.

A professional is able to regularly clear your gutters from all debris, that may be a potential fire hazard. With the right tools and equipment, professionals are able to remove all debris, even that which isn’t visible from below.

Gutters can also be cleaned by hand, or using pressure washers. The issue with these methods is it is often not as thorough, and, it only moves debris from one place to another. So if you opt for one of these methods, you must ensure you dispose of the debris completely to ensure it doesn’t remain a fire hazard. Professionals with industrial vacuum cleaner equipment are able to vacuum the debris into their collection vessel. This ensures the debris is gone from your property for good.

Stay safe this bushfire season.

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