Brushed or Brushless Motors – What’s Best For You?

Jun 24, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Industrial vacuum cleaners are fundamental tools to carry out cleaning of industrial environments. We can supply your business with a vacuum for almost any application. Our premier range of Delfin vacuums are certified for use with fine, toxic and combustible dusts, and in wet & dry environments. Delfin is a global brand supplying over 100 countries. Here at Australian Industrial Vacuum, we are fortunate to be the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors of Delfin vacuums. Backed by 30 years’ experience and the guarantee of Italian made quality.

The two different motors that are in the Single phase Delfin range are; powerful Ametek brushed motor and long-life Brushless motors. Ametek motors have been a staple in the vacuum industry for many years. They are preferred because they have proven to be both durable and dependable. Delfin has been able to incorporate one, two or even three motors into their systems giving you 2500mm of water lift and 180m3 per hour of airflow per motor!

Ametek brushed Motor

Designed for use in intermittent-duty vacuum systems, the Ametek motor is the most affordable type of motor. These motors operate for about 800 hours before you need to replace the carbon brushes and can then continue to operate for a further 300 hours before you need to replace the motor itself. Ametek motor are a cost-effective choice for general housekeeping applications that only take a couple of hours a week.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors are somewhat of a newer addition to the vacuum industry, but more and more companies are adopting them. Why? These motors bridge the price and performance gap between carbon brush bypass and regenerative blowers.

This motor is very efficient in terms of power consumption versus performance, and it can be used intermittently or continuously.  You might consider a brushless motor if you have varied cleaning needs or could see your facility requiring an industrial vacuum that can handle both continuous and intermittent use moving forward. Delfin offers a warranty of 10,000 hours for their brushless motors, meaning if 3-phase is not available, the brushless motors can still supply you with longevity on a high duty cycle unit.

Combustible Dust

 Many industries face the challenge of collecting, handling and disposing of potentially combustible dusts. When dealing with combustible dust we must remove all potential sources of ignition which is where our brushless range come in. Delfin’s systems utilise antistatic filters, earth grounding kits, stainless steel drum and brushless motors to maximise the safety factors involved. Our systems include IECEX or Atex accreditation to meet Australian standards, thus reducing employer liability and ensuring OH&S standards are being met.

Understanding the Duty Cycle

You should not start shopping for a specialty commercial vacuum until you have a rough idea of how often and for how long you will be operating it—in other words, you need to have a solid understanding of the probable duty cycle. These critical ranges of use will help you determine the right type of motor for your system, from there you can think about cost. If you’re constantly running a vacuum that isn’t designed for continuous use, you’ll be replacing your vacuum system every couple of months. Suddenly, you are looking at further cost for replacing it again and whatever losses you incur during downtime. This is where a brushless system comes into its own having a 10,000-hour duty cycle.

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