An Effective Means of Water Collection and Recovery

Jun 1, 2022 | Home Maintenance

Efficient water collection or recovery is important for a variety of industries and job offerings. It is important to have a sturdy method of collection that is designed for liquids and won’t fail you when you need it most. Also, one that provides a means of easy disposal is important due to the weight water and liquids can quickly build up, such as a wet collection box.

Water collection and recovery is important for a range of service offerings including:

  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Soft washing services
  • Water recovery
  • Liquid transfer

For efficient and effective water collection the AIV Wet Collection Box is the answer.

Wet Collection Boxes are in stock now!

Why Choose a Wet Collection Box

Designed for Liquid

These boxes have been designed specifically for the easy collection of liquids and therefore have been created with all the necessary features which other methods of collection don’t offer. That is, our boxes feature a sieve grid which separates solids and liquids effectively if solid debris happens to get sucked up along with your liquid. Further, a high level liquid shut off is provided, a ball and rubber seal mechanism that advises when the collection box is full. Our boxes have also been designed to be paired with other equipment such as a mosmatic spinner or the EnduroVac.

Can be Paired with a Utility Pump

The wet collection box can be paired with a 12V utility pump which filters the water through to allow for simultaneous discharge. The utility pump is provided in a stainless steel filter housing and 500 micron filter socks are provided to protect the pump. Alternatively, a discharge valve is provided to allow for manual discharge.

Australian Made

Our wet collection box is designed in house by our qualified engineering team and fabricated locally in Melbourne. It has received official Australian Made Certification guaranteeing it’s 100% made in Australia, promising a high quality product that helps maintain the Australian economy.


The wet collection box is fully customisable in terms of capacity and powder coating. Our standard wet collection box size is 600L, however we can fabricate options that provide more or less capacity depending on your business needs. These boxes can be powder coated in a huge range of colours and can be easily mounted onto your ute, trailer, or light truck and used in conjunction with our petrol or diesel EnduroVac.

Australian Industrial Vacuum are Australia’s leading family-owned industrial vacuum supplier. We offer a huge range of quality industrial vacuum solutions designed for all different zones, industries, and applications. Want to know more? Chat to someone from our friendly team today on 03 8597 3376.

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