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Dec 1, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Looking to start your own business in the insulation game? Want to expand the services of your current business? Why not consider Insulation Removal! Insulation removal is a necessary maintenance task that needs to be carried out in every household – and most homeowners look to the professionals to do the job for them.

Insulation removal is a necessary and often also a mandatory requirement for homes. That is, a large number of homes built ten years ago don’t have sufficient insulation based on new building codes, government regulations and energy rating requirements. Old insulation can also become moldy, collect dust, and becomes a breeding ground for pests, germs and airborne pathogens which can filter into the household. Further, heat loss due to incompetent insulation can mean significant increases in energy usage making it a desired maintenance task for many homeowners.

Due to the need for insulation removal and upkeep, there is a significant array of homeowners looking for a professional to do the job for them. Therefore, becoming a part of the insulation game is worthwhile.

In order to do the job properly, you need the right industrial vacuum cleaner equipment.


The EnduroVac is built from the ground up with reliability at the top of our mind. It runs on a powerful petrol or diesel engine, and produces 15Hg vacuum levels. With a positive displacement tri-lobe blower, inline safety filter, and dual vacuum gauges, it’s perfect for the job. The EnduroVac package includes 60m of 3″ smooth bore anti-static hose and hose reel for convenience.

Dry Collection Box

The Dry Collection Box has been specially designed for the collection of fine particles, and allows for the safe removal of old insulation. Our boxes have been designed by our Engineering team and are fabricated locally to ensure the highest of qualities are met. The Dry Collection Box holds 1000L Bulka bags and is equipped with a top and side opening door. This allows for easy access to remove and replace the full Bulka bags. The Bulka bags allow you to handle and dispose of debris safely whilst maximising efficiency.

We also offer the option to upgrade to a HEPA H14 Class Filter. This quality filter allows you to safely remove toxic dusts such as asbestos.

We can mount the entire set up onto a ute, trailer or light truck for ease of transportation.

Making the Investment

The estimated cost of removing old insulation is $1-$2 per square foot. So take an average attic size of 1500 square feet, you are looking at charging anywhere between $1500-$3000 per removal. Therefore, the investment into the right equipment will pay for itself in less than 6 months. Not only will the system pay for itself, but you can sleep easy at night knowing you are providing your customers with a quality service, whilst keeping your workers safe and happy.

Australian Industrial Vacuum is leading distributor for industrial vacuum solutions within Australia. We work to help your business strive. Call the team on (03) 8597 3376 to learn how we can help you!

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