10 Tips For Maintaining The Life Of Your Vacuum

Jun 17, 2021 | Home Maintenance

Over the years, gutter cleaning, sheep shed cleaning, and other jobs have stayed the same by using our hands and a bucket. At AIV we have spent 6 years building and upgrading our vacuum systems to help trades increase efficiency in a safe manner.

To ensure the safety of operators and to protect the integrity of the machine, the EnduroVac must be used correctly.

As with any machine, frequent and prolonged use over time may compromise performance and efficiency. Nevertheless, it is possible to significantly extend the useful life of your vacuum cleaner by following a few guidelines.

*Provide these guidelines to your operations staff and integrate them into standard procedures for best results.

The Tips:

  1. Do not submerge the hose completely inside the material while suctioning. Some air must always pass through the hose to guarantee suctioning performance.
  2. Choose the proper accessories for each specific application in order to both speed up work and prevent any possible problems caused by wrong accessories.
  3. Check the oil level in your blower. If required to add more oil, you can use 150-220 diff oil. Remember that the blower has a self-leveling system, so if you over fill there won’t be any issues.
  4. Every week check the relief valves and if its dry then add a little bit of grease.
  5. If your vacuum gauges don’t match the same level of each other, it means that one of the filters is blocked. To ensure this doesn’t happen, regularly check and clean the filter.
  6. The exhaust on the engine of the vacuum needs to have a clear space to avoid damage of other objects close to it.
  7. Do not stand on the machine.
  8. Ensure the hoses are connected in the right spaces to avoid damage to the blower.
  9. Do not put the engine in an enclosed area, this is a fire hazard.
  10. While using the vacuum, bending the hose excessively will reduce suction and pressure levels.

Maintaining your vacuum will ensure the safety of your employees, save you replacement costs and save you time. Contact our team to find out more on 03 8597 3376.

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