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Bagless industrial vacuum cleaners are convenient and highly functional solutions for effective dust extraction in the workplace.

With portable single-phase and three-phase options available – with many capable of removing liquids as well as dust particles – customers can choose from a wide range of options available from Australian Industrial Vacuum to suit any and all workplace configurations. Read More

Why Choose Industrial Commercial Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

All enterprises involving practices that produce significant amounts of dust must invest in suitable extraction methods to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff. The regular inhalation of silica dust over time can cause silicosis, a severe, life-limiting lung condition.

Failure to properly protect staff from this eventuality constitutes a significant failure on the part of the employer and may lead to prosecution.

Save Time with An Industrial Commercial Bagless Vacuum

The removal and emptying of bags can be time-consuming. It also introduces a risk of human error, with spillages and other safety breaches more likely.

Instead, many models supplied by Australian Industrial Vacuum include drum or tank storage, which allow dust to be safely disposed of once they are full.

You can even invest in a large scale portable industrial bagless vacuum tank system with either a petrol or diesel key-start engine, a three-stage filtration system and cyclone separator.

We provide durable equipment manufactured by leading brands, including Delfin. And, with our extensive knowledge and experience, AIV can recommend the equipment that is best suited to your workspace – including the required storage volume and the disposal method.

Why Choose Australian Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

While the respiratory health of your employees is vital, there are many additional ways in which a bagless industrial vacuum cleaner can improve the operations of your workplace.

Without the most powerful industrial bagless vacuum cleaners available, the build-up and wide distribution of dust can make your premises an unpleasant place to work. It may lead to extended cleaning sessions that eat into the time you might otherwise use for tasks that are vital to the running of your company.

Repeated, physically demanding cleaning can result in injuries, including back pain, which can lead to unnecessary sick days.

Additionally, if dust particles invade the working parts of your other machinery and equipment, they may quickly become damaged and the components or items they produce may be tarnished. The maintenance and rectification required as a result can be expensive and may delay production.

It’s best to deal with this problem at its source by investing in an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Invest in a Bagless Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Today

The size and type of dust extraction equipment you choose will depend on the type of dust created by your work – for example, whether or not the particles are combustible – and will also be influenced by the size of your premises and the amount of dust produced over a set period of time.

We have the toughest range of industrial vacuum cleaners from construction vacuum cleaner to compressed air vacuum cleaner and so much more.

Feel free to contact the team at Australian Industrial Vacuum for advice and guidance when it comes to choosing the right equipment. We’ll be very happy to listen to your requirements and help you select the configuration that will work best for your business. Read Less


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